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Updates of the shop and oatmeal kinds

Who knew that the key to getting a good conversation started around here was to talk about breakfast?  I’ll keep that in mind for the next slow spell. Heh.  And I guess, based on what you’re all saying, that my oatmeal-trying days can’t be over until I’ve given the steel-cut type a chance.

Ok.  Twist my arm.  I’ll pick some of those up on my next shopping trip.

Shop update!

Speaking of shopping…  Care to follow me over to the Polka Dot Cottage shop and see what’s new?  (I got a few moments with the camera today finally.)

The dresses and scarves I shared with you last week are all available now, as are some new buttons.

Thank you, as always, for your positive feedback, enthusiasm, and support 🙂


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Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “Updates of the shop and oatmeal kinds

  1. Personally, I prefer my oatmeal made into cookies:

    1. Those look good – and no-bake to boot!

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