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A blur of fabric and clay

If I wasn’t so full right now from my take-out supper, I’d be curled up in my pj’s sipping a cup of vanilla coffee as I write this.  Actually, I’m too full for the coffee, but not for the pj’s.  Hm.  Hang on a moment while I go change…  There.  That’s much better.

So, ready to see what I’ve been working on these last few days?

Pillowcase dresses

First up, pillowcase dresses.  They all started with, of all things, a pillowcase.  I added some natural linen, bound the sleeves with tape made from an unused portion of the pillowcase, and sewed on a nice big focal button.

Pillowcase dresses

I am so pleased with the way these turned out, and I like that a single size can fit a wide variety of ages.  I’ve tried them on a six-year-old and a nine-year-old successfully, and I’m sure they could be worn by girls who are a bit smaller or somewhat larger.  They work as sundresses, or as tunics, with or without a shirt or tights underneath.  Honestly, I wish I could wear something like this – they’re just so versatile!

Pillowcase dresses

These are going in the shop this week, as soon as I have a moment (and enough natural lighting) for a decent photo shoot. Look under “Button-Embellished.”

Patchwork scarves

After the dresses were done, I shifted gears, got out my clay, and made a handful of buttons.  Once that was done, it was back to the sewing machine to make these patchwork scarves.  (As you can see, four of the buttons went to the scarves.  Four more like these, and two sets of smaller buttons will be appearing in the shop, pending photos and decent lighting and all that.)

Patchwork scarf

The scarves all started with a variety of prints from a particular fabric collection (Aviary by 3 Sisters, and Zippity Doo Dah by Sandy Gervais).  I added squares of linen and a focal button, attached a backing of soft flannel, and voila!  Pretty on the outside, soft and cozy on the inside.

Patchwork scarf

I love love love the patchwork scarf I made myself two years ago – it really dresses up whatever jacket I wear it with, and it’s soft & warm without being bulky.  Gets me lots of complements, too.

Patchwork scarf

These will also be in the shop once I get that picture-taking time and lighting thing all worked out.  Right now, though?  I’m a bit worn-out from the craft show I lugged all of this stuff to today.  It was a quiet show, but I still did alright.  Didn’t sell any of these dresses or scarves, though, so if you have your eye on anything…  well, you can wait until I get them online, or you can drop me a line and have me set something aside for you. I’d be happy to do it!


Before I sign off, let me show you what I bartered for at the craft show today.  My neighbor was a local potter who had so many beautiful bowls and platters, as well as a selection of fabulous pendants.  She liked some of my pens and necklaces, and I fell in love with this little bowl and pendant, so we did some trading.  This photo doesn’t really do these items justice – it’s dark & gloomy today.  Bad for photos, as we’ve already covered.  You should go visit her website and see some better pictures.

Hmm, I think I may have room for that coffee now.  I’m off.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



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Posted on 12 Comments

12 thoughts on “A blur of fabric and clay

  1. I’m TOTALLY gonna get one of those pillowcase dresses!
    I’m thinking with Fall coming along that it’d be cute for my girls with a solid color long-sleeved shirt underneath & some jeans. Yes? No? GREAT JOB!!!

    And hey! I’m working on some scarves too!
    .-= See Nikki/WhiMSy llove’s latest blog post: Fruit Leather =-.

    1. Absolutely! I think they’d look great with jeans – or leggings/tights. I’m hoping to get this online Monday, but barring that, feel free to email me if you like 🙂

  2. LISA!!!!!!!!! Wow, you are AMAZING. I can’t stop looking at the super horizontal stripey/flowery pillowcase dress!

    1. Thanks, Kat – it’s got me looking at pillowcases in a whole new way, LOL!

  3. Hi Lisa,

    LOVE the pillowslip dresses – so gorgeous!!! I’m going to have to try making one one day – though I know they won’t look anywhere near as good as yours do.


    1. Aw, don’t sell yourself short – I’m no sewing expert! If I can do it, I’ll bet you can 🙂

  4. I love the pillow case dresses. I’ve seen them made from antique lace pillowcases, but I really love that you’ve used a variety of patterns. How fun! I miss the little-girl days — mine are 14 and 17 now.
    .-= See Karin Buckingham’s latest blog post: I heart Mondays and my friends =-.

    1. There have *never* been little girl days around here – mine are 6 and 9, and more importantly, BOYS 😉

      Thanks for the complement. I enjoy the funky patterns.

  5. Could you add the pottery lady to your interview list?

    1. She doesn’t have a blog, actually, and so far I’m focusing on people in my must-read blog list. I’ll probably change focus once this idea runs its course, though!

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