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Updates of the shop and oatmeal kinds

Who knew that the key to getting a good conversation started around here was to talk about breakfast?  I’ll keep that in mind for the next slow spell. Heh.  And I guess, based on what you’re all saying, that my oatmeal-trying days can’t be over until I’ve given the steel-cut type a chance. Ok.  Twist […]

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A stroll through the (Pop) Garden

Sure is nice to be back in this comfortable space. I spent a lot of time last week sprucing up the shop (not quite done yet, but it’s a start), and making a handful of small improvements to the book store as well. It was good to take a little blogging break. I can tell […]

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In reverse

You probably know that my “thing,” for the last year or so, has been to create custom color schemes in polymer clay to coordinate with existing designer fabrics.  But long before I started matching fabric, I was devising my own color schemes.  I still use both types of color families in my current polymer clay […]

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