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Catch up and slow down

I stole a few moments today to catch up with a handful of my favorite blogs. And then I immediately put down the computer, ditched my dingy shorts for a handmade skirt, grabbed my camera, and dragged the children outside, because it seemed like we could do some living out there instead of the mere […]

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Outside the box

It’s a certain someone‘s birthday today, and the boys and I collaborated on a banner. My instructions were clear: Aidan, you write HAPPY, I’ll write BIRTHDAY, and Eamonn, you write DADDY. Then we’ll hang them all up for Daddy to see when he comes downstairs this morning. Well, my boys are nothing if not outside-of-the-box […]

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Milestones and the tote bags to hold them in

Hey there. Didja miss me? Wednesday morning I hopped into a van with two baby boomers, four young boys, and a cooler full of snacks, and began barrelling down route 78 on our way to Lancaster County, PA. It was an enjoyable trip with many stops along the way to keep us busy, but there’s […]

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Button extravaganza

Thank you for all of the nice comments on the projects I’ve posted about recently! I’ve wanted to reply to them all, but I’ve hardly been online today. I spent much of my time buried under buttons. Making buttons, baking buttons, drilling holes in buttons… Arranging buttons prettily in Lenox bowls. You know, important stuff. […]

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Three sheets to the wind

No, I’m not really drunk. I just wanted to talk about three bags made out of sheets, and the phrase popped right into my head. I’m not above kicking back with a Mike’s Hard Lime later, though, if you prefer for me to represent truth in advertising… These three little piles each contain two fat […]

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I’ve been Spoonflowered

This little button on the left was made last year, by me, from polymer clay. You can learn a bit about it here, if you wish. The button itself isn’t as important as the image of the button, and what eventually became of that. When I was first designing, I wanted it to have […]

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In a nutshell

(A rather large nutshell, apparently) Here’s what’s been happening in our Polka Dot Cottage for the last few days: First, we finally took that evening beach trip I’d promised the kids. Various factors had been keeping us from going for the last few weeks, but Wednesday we managed to do it. And Neil was able […]

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