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Button extravaganza

Buttons almost done

Thank you for all of the nice comments on the projects I’ve posted about recently! I’ve wanted to reply to them all, but I’ve hardly been online today. I spent much of my time buried under buttons. Making buttons, baking buttons, drilling holes in buttons…

Buttons in a bowl

Arranging buttons prettily in Lenox bowls. You know, important stuff.

Actually, it was kinda important. I had plans tonight to show some of my friends how to make fuzzy flip-flops, and I was afraid I might not have enough buttons in the right colors, or enough doubles that could be paired off. Naturally, this meant I needed to make 60 buttons, right? Did I mention that there were only six of us? And not everyone was even going to want buttons? Alright, so I went a tiny bit overboard. At least I have plenty of extras to put in the shop!

One Object 365 Days: 225/365 08/12/08

At any rate, we had fun this evening, and everyone has a new pair of funky fuzzy footwear for the rest of the summer. I’m less than enthusiastic about the color combination I chose for my own pair, but that’s ok. I can always re-do them at some point, if it still bothers me down the road.

This may be the last you hear from me until Friday. The boys and I are taking off for a couple of days with my parents, and I’m not entirely sure the hotel we are staying in has internet access. If it does, I will probably be online after the boys fall asleep, to chat about the day’s adventures. If it doesn’t, I will probably be rocking back and forth on my bed, chewing my fingernails and twitching. Wish me luck. (Maybe I’ll invite Mr. Polka Dot to guest blog tomorrow night if I can’t get online – would you enjoy that?)


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Posted on 10 Comments

10 thoughts on “Button extravaganza

  1. Wowww, now I am really amazed! You did all those wonderful buttons??? I need to look for a tutorial!; lol…
    Thanks for sharing such wonderful pics in Lenox bowls, lol…

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  2. Those button photos are achingly beautiful. And I’m chuckling at your preparedness. I always seem to end up getting together about six times more stuff than I really need when I host a craft meeting. Ah, the blind dread of Running Out! 🙂

    See what Sister Diane has been blogging about: OMG, I wrote a book!

  3. I love all of the different colors and patterns in your buttons and the way you displayed them so beautifully in your Lenox bowls, Lisa.
    Fabulous flip-flops!

    See what Karen has been blogging about: Saturday Morning Tea

  4. love the buttons!

    and Mr. Polka Dot is more than welcome… but will he be upstaged by BOG?

    See what Jen has been blogging about: It’s a BOY (shocking!)

  5. Those are gorgeous buttons. Have a great trip.

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  6. My first time visiting. Just wanted to say absolutely beautiful buttons!

    See what Danielle has been blogging about: Oooh how cute!!!

  7. love the buttons….the mr. speaking? i don’t think i can get away with that from mine! isn’t it fun to see everything from their perspective sometimes? 🙂 have fun!

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  8. buttons!! wow those buttons are awesome!!

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  9. oooooh, I love the buttons. I finally just used one of your buttons on a diaper bag and I get so many comments at the farmer’s market. I think it’s a bigger hit than the bag!

  10. I love your buttons!! So pretty!!!!

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