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Welcome, September

You, who brings the pleasures of apple picking, brightly-colored zinnias, and the first day of school; you, whose crisp nights and energizing mornings are the things of “sweather weather;”  you, whose arrival inspires thoughts of pumpkin lattes, fall napkins, and home-baked quickbreads… yes, that’s you, September. You and your explosion of color, your crunchy leaves […]

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Sometimes Breakable

Before I say anything else: Penny, if you like surprises, stop reading here! I really like the way this image turned out.  It’s the cover for a new mix CD I made.  Penny and I like to exchange music from time to time – she’s introduced me to some excellent tunes (including one that I […]

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Stop looking at me like that

Not much of a crafty nature to report today.   I sent off a batch of orders this morning, and this afternoon I was the Grandma-to-Grandma Shuttle, as I picked Aidan up at Neil‘s parents’ house, drove 35 minutes, and dropped him off at my parents’ house.  He’s making the rounds, vacationing at the grandparents’ houses, […]

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Unique batik

Sarah forwarded a link to me this morning for a Martha Stewart “Easy Batik” project. I’ve always really loved the look of batik, but have never considered trying it myself – entirely too complicated. But Martha’s project looked very very simple. The only thing I found wrong with it was the fact that it didn’t […]

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Barcelona Dreaming

It’s been a while since I made a new skirt for myself. I got a copy of Amy Butler’s Midwest Modern this weekend, and while I was looking through it, I came across the Barcelona Skirt. I think I’m in love. I’ve seen flickr photos of it before, but it’s never screamed “make me!” as […]

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No plans

I had four big empty spaces in my mosaic today, from people who opted out of BigHugeLabs. It’s such a bummer – I really loved those pictures! But I had to un-favorite them because my mosaic looked really unappealing with all of those holes in it. I distinctly remember last year when I started doing […]

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Swag junkie

Oh, yes, I think that describes me quite well. I hadn’t ever used the term “swag” until I read it on Amy’s blog recently, but now I’m all about that word. Swaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag. Swag. Suh-wag. Swaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag. It just rolls off the tongue so much more easily than “stuff with my images on them.” So, yes, I’m […]

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Summer Berry Muffins

Definitely had a more “balanced” day today than I have been having. A little bit of computer biz work in the morning, a little bit of housework that wasn’t as painful as I’d been thinking it would be (listening to podcasts is my favorite trick for helping the time pass quickly during a tedious task […]

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