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Milestones and the tote bags to hold them in

One Object 365 Days: 226/365 08/13/08

Hey there. Didja miss me? Wednesday morning I hopped into a van with two baby boomers, four young boys, and a cooler full of snacks, and began barrelling down route 78 on our way to Lancaster County, PA. It was an enjoyable trip with many stops along the way to keep us busy, but there’s no real way to share the details without it reading like a dry itinerary. Suffice it to say that although there were plenty of nice times, two days on the road, in and out of museums and factories and stores, with four noisy boys and no internet access aside from some Twitter on my cell, kind of has me feeling the need for a Lisa Day.

A Lisa Day would start with the boys waving goodbye sweetly as they are whisked away on a 12-hour playdate, somewhere that would make them deliriously happy (and leave me completely guilt-free). After that, the cleaning crew would arrive and put my house in order, while I lounged around outside to catch up on my social networking. Somewhere in there would be a long, luxurious shower, and time to make (and wear) a new pretty skirt. Maybe I’d even read a book or bake something.

I don’t think Lisa Day is happening any time soon. I could plug the kids into the TV and/or computer all day long, and then pretend that the house is clean while I catch up on three days’ worth of business & email & such that I’ve missed. But that would be “phoning it in” big time. And if that, in fact, is what I have done all day, I don’t think I will mention it here, as it might ruin my chances for Mother of the Year.

There is one thing I did want to mention here, though, and that is this: This is my 500th post! Not only is 500 a decent milestone, but the fact that I noticed it in time to say something is also rather impressive, I think. In honor of both of these things, and of my newly-refurbished cafepress shop, I’d like to have a little giveaway.


Check out this super spiffy, large, heavy-duty Polka Dot Cottage Market Tote. Aside from the logo on it, it’s exactly like the ones that I have used for many years to carry around my clay supplies. I’ve also used them instead of a suitcase when packing for an overnight trip. And for the past year, they’ve come with me to the supermarket. I load them up good, and then I sling them over my shoulders instead of carrying them in my arms or by the handles like I would with paper/plastic bags – that alone cuts the number of trips from the car to the house in half, at least! I love these bags. Can you tell? LOL!

Anyway, I’ve got three to give away, and one can be yours if you leave a comment here and tell me this: if you had a spiffy new market tote, what would you fill it with, and why? It could be a totally serious answer, or a silly one. I’ll pick three random winners sometime on Monday.

Thanks for sticking around and reading my blog for so long – I seriously doubt I’d have had 500 posts in me if nobody was around to read them.

Oh, and for those of you who were looking for a post from Mr. Polka Dot while I was away – I forgot to give him my password to the blog admin and he couldn’t log in. Duh. I’ve given him his own account now, so maybe you’ll see him wandering through sometime in the future when I’m all blogged-out. Maybe on Lisa Day. Heh.

Posted on 28 Comments

28 thoughts on “Milestones and the tote bags to hold them in

  1. Hey Lisa – Happy 500th post! =) Glad you had a good time on your mini-getaway.
    Did BOG make any appearances on your trip? LOL

    See what Laura has been blogging about: Vibrant necklace – karmabeads

  2. super cute totes! i think they would be filled with library books in our home 🙂 congrats on 500 wonderful posts!

    See what erika~ inspired mama musings has been blogging about: summertime… i’m already missing you

  3. Congrats Lisa!…500 posts is awesome…let’s see..if I had a tote I would fill it with Farmers Market Goodies…*(apples, potatoes, and such…)… 🙂

    See what Melanie has been blogging about: "Blackberry Somethin" Recipe

  4. Mazel Tov on the 500th blog post!!I love those totes! Now if I had a totally cool Polka Dot Cottage one I would fill it with stuff to take to my guild meeting and sit Miss Munchie on top of it so she could ride and be a totally rocking pup. Of course she would have her water bottle, scooby snacks and a small pillow in there so she can relax at the meeting and be queen of the day.

    See what Kathi has been blogging about: New Art

  5. Congrats on the 500th post! I would definitely fill a tote with yarn or fabric or groceries…actually, it would probably end up half-filled with sand and kiddie toys, several too small diapers and a sippy cup full of rancid milk.

  6. Hi Lisa,
    Congrats on post 500! Well, I would probable give it to my daughter to take with her to UC Berkleley. Yup, the time has come to send one (I have 4) of my babies off to college. I’m sure that in that area of the world paper and plastic bags are highly frowned upon. She could use it to tote all kinds of stuff to and from her dorm. Your blog is wonderful and enjoyed by me daily. Happy 500 again, may you have many more.

  7. Congrats on 500 posts! Wow!
    A tote like that would ride around in my car and find it’s way into the supermaket with me. Or it would go with me on a bike ride to the produce stand!

    See what Teresa has been blogging about: Are We Going Somewhere Today

  8. well if i won this i would definitely stuff it with books i carry around every so often wherever i go and have time to read them : )

  9. Lisa,
    I have been keeping up with you for about the last 35 or so blogs and it is the one I check each time I have a minute to ramble through the internet. Before finding your site, I would have filled a tote (one of many, though not as cute) with books, papers, files from work and other necessities. Now, I would fill the tote with all the treasures I could fit that would inspire me….great fabrics, yummy yarns, new clay, trims, patterns, you name it. Because when I read your blog, I am encouraged to find a way to be a good mom, keep on top of things at home, and still allow myself the things that I need to nurture my artistic side. Thanks for sharing,inspiring and making it fun.

  10. Congrats on #500! If I had one of your totes, I would fill it with time, since I never seem to have enough.

    See what Tammy has been blogging about: The Day is Done…

  11. pretty cool that you have reached the 500 mark!! i would fill my baggie with beachy things. craft books, snacks (of course chocolate), a nice cold water, and a little stitchery to keep the fingers busy. wait…i am just thinking of what i just packed in my not as cute as your bag…bag. we are heading to a watery 4 days next week.

    See what becky has been blogging about: Pay IT Foward

  12. I’m always up for a give-away!!
    As a new blogger, 500 is a mighty number. Good job, girl.
    I’d fill my tote with donuts since I love them more than anything.

  13. Congrats on 500!!! I’ve recently become a daily viewer of your site…soooooooooo LOVE IT!!! Seriously…LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
    Love the totes too! If I had a tote…I’d add it to my collection of “green” grocery bags. (We’ve just started to use canvas bags for grocery shopping instead of the plastic ones…gotta start doing our part to save the environment!!!!) 🙂

  14. Ooooh – how exciting! Congratulations on your 500th post. I would use my market tote for going to the supermarket or rather boringly taking parcels to the post office!

    See what Lynsey has been blogging about: First folksy sale and some new address lables

  15. I would use mine to hold books and probably a diaper or two for my tow year old when we go to the bookstore. LOL!

    Congrats on your 500th post. That is definitely a milestone

  16. Congrats on 500, Lisa! I would carry my latest work in progress in MY tote. : ) I enjoy your blog via a feed reader.


  17. Congrats on 500!!!
    I would take a Lisa Day too, if I could – it sounds heavenly!
    If I had a tote, I think it’d be added to my shopping bag collection. Or I would take it to the beach, all full of the day’s necessities.

    See what wendy has been blogging about: Six months!

  18. Congratulations on 500 Blog Posts! I definitely think that deserves a celebration. If I had an awesome Polka Dot Cottage Tote Bag I would use it for my daily “whatever bag” – whatever I wanted to do that day – knitting, reading, taking books to/from the library, taking items to the post office, to the beach, diapers for the little guy or maybe just stuff to keep the boys happy (which means I’m happy). 🙂 Whatever I needed to carry for the day.

  19. Congrats on 500 posts!!! I love your blog. We could all use a Lisa day!

    I would use my bag to cart my Christmas crafting around or my library books.

    See what allison has been blogging about: Last year

  20. If I had that bag no matter what I wanted to fill it with I am sure that most of the time it would be filled with my cat (if it was on the floor), kids toys (if I forgot to empty it from the last trip), food (if I remember to go to the store and get food;), and maybe even some crafting stuff for my craft nights.

    Congrats on the 500th. I know what you mean about not being able to write that much if people where not reading it.

    Let me know if you find a way to make a Lisa day happen so that I can make one happen here (oh a 12 hour playdate… better stop thinking about it I am drooling on the keyboard;)

    See what zoe has been blogging about: Shopping

  21. Yay for 500 posts!

    If I were the proud owner of one of these totes, there would be a rotating list of what’s in it: toys for my son when we go to my parents’ house, diaper bag contents when I don’t want to lug around the real thing, groceries, laundry, clothes to consign, small packages to mail, and my laptop and a book when I go to my sister’s gallery.

  22. I hope I’m not too late for this one…

    If I had a new market tote, in reality I would bring it to the farmer’s market with me and fill it with yummy fruits and veggies for the week. In my dreams, I would fill it with my stamping supplies and escape for a day to myself, much like your Lisa Day, but mine would have to be called a Melissa Day! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Hope you had a great weekend in Lancaster County!

    See what MelissaS has been blogging about: Blog Candy Winner!!

  23. Congrats on 500! Big milestone!

    If I won your tote-ally cool bag, I would pack books and crochet, probably beads, and definitely wire and tools in there for my son’s all weekend long basketball tourneys this winter.

  24. Yay for 500 posts! That rocks! I wish I had as much to blog about as you do.

    Anywho, a lovely market tote? Well, I believe it would either carry stuff to daycare on a daily basis or it would carry yarn and partially completed crochet projects wherever I care to tote them.

    See what Melissa has been blogging about: EtsyBloggers 1st Anniversary Sale!

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