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I never showed you this fabric that arrived a few weeks ago. I got a fantastic deal on the three colors of jersey and the Irish linen on the bottom. $2/yard or less, if I remember correctly. It made the $16/yard price tag on the top fabric much easier to swallow. That top fabric is […]

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The last word on the Color Challenge

I checked the poll several times while it was going, and two contenders were neck in neck the entire time, almost always separated by only one vote. Sometimes one would be ahead, other times the other one would be. In the end it was Orly‘s clay-covered plates and bowls (AQUA’s winner) that took the prize […]

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Newfangled technical difficulties?

Or old-fashioned lack of interest? Just curious… not fishing for comments or anything… seriously. Just wondering why the blog has seen so little activity this past week. There were only 15 comments, when these days there are usually 50+ in that period of time. I’m completely ready to believe that I didn’t talk about anything […]

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Dreary without, dreary within, then not

Today arrived wetly, with mostly light showers, and the occasional heavy downpour. I don’t really mind dreary mornings like that. In fact, I find them cozy and enjoyable, if I can experience them curled up by the window in a pair of handmade lounge pants, drinking a cup of cinnamon spice tea, nibbling a pumpkin […]

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Vote for a Color Challenge winner

Say hello to the eleven finalists from the past year of Color Challenges (there are only eleven because March and April were merged into one contest). I thought it would be fun to chose a “Best of Show” kind of winner. And what does the lucky winner receive? Well, besides fame, acclaim, and the adoration […]

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Color Challenge Finalists for July

Welcome to the last installment of the Color Challenge! There were exactly 100 Black & White entries to the pool, and I picked nine of my favorites to be finalists. Allow me to introduce you to the finalists, before I reveal the winner: Black/white with a dab of red., by pcbysusan Krrrinoo_face, by revoluzzza seasoned […]

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