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Stop looking at me like that

Stop looking at me like that.

Not much of a crafty nature to report today.   I sent off a batch of orders this morning, and this afternoon I was the Grandma-to-Grandma Shuttle, as I picked Aidan up at Neil‘s parents’ house, drove 35 minutes, and dropped him off at my parents’ house.  He’s making the rounds, vacationing at the grandparents’ houses, before school starts up again.  We’ll get him back tomorrow.

My sister, Donna, was at my parents’ house this afternoon with a puppy.  His name is Calvin, and he’s a purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a heart murmur.  Not sure how serious it is, but it was enough that the breeder couldn’t sell him as a show dog, and Donna’s friend (who is a vet) has him for the time being.

Puppy sweetness

Gosh, the little bugger is cute, isn’t he?  If it wasn’t for his uncertain medical future, Aidan’s terror of dogs, and my inability to keep the house clean without the mess a puppy brings, I’d have scooped him up and carried him home with me in my pocket.

Probably just as well that I didn’t.  I don’t know how I’d manage with yet another BOY in this house.


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Posted on 7 Comments

7 thoughts on “Stop looking at me like that

  1. He is handsome! Looking at little puppies just makes me want one. But then I remember all of the work: the teething, potty training, teaching them not to jump. It would be like having another kid!

    I’m doing just fine with what I have!

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  2. Back away from the puppy! Oh my gosh how I wish someone had told me that a few short weeks ago. Peanut is finally sleeping in her crate through the night. Puppies are more work than kids….I never had to go out in the backyard in the rain at 2am with a baby.

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  3. stop luckig at me lick that and i love him his name kAVIN

    [editor’s translation: Stop looking at me like that, and I love him. His name is Calvin.]

  4. I’m in love!

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