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Welcome, September

New month

You, who brings the pleasures of apple picking, brightly-colored zinnias, and the first day of school; you, whose crisp nights and energizing mornings are the things of “sweather weather;”  you, whose arrival inspires thoughts of pumpkin lattes, fall napkins, and home-baked quickbreads… yes, that’s you, September. You and your explosion of color, your crunchy leaves underfoot, and your long-sleeved shirts.

Your coming is bittersweet, because for all of the wonderful things you bring, there are just as many pleasing things you leave behind: kiddie pools, easy afternoons on the patio, schedule-free days.  You are not about Mint mocha chip frappachinos, spontaneous day trips and breezy skirts, like your Summer cousins are.  I’m still very much caught in the embrace of those Summer months. August ends too soon.

And yet, even as I say this, I think to myself: if it were just a few degrees colder tonight, I would happily put on a sweater, brew a cup of cinnamon tea, and welcome you properly.  I revel in crisp Fall evenings.

So you see, September, you fill me with conflicting emotions.  Perhaps a bowl of pumpkin ice cream is an appropriate compromise – A segue between two very different seasons.  Think of it as the flavors of September, wrapped up in a delcious, August-style package.  Here’s to you, August and September!  May the transition be gentle.

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