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Church of summer

Car music

Opening the car windows on a sunny day, driving through the countryside while singing along to an appropriate soundtrack;

Up, up and away

stopping the car so that we may admire the green of the trees, the blue of the sky, the smell of the summer, with the wind at our feet;

Fresh from the farm

taking the opportunity to procure a small piece of the Earth’s bounty directly from the farmer who produced it.

Sometimes I feel that spending a Sunday morning indulging the senses and appreciating the beauty of our surroundings is a perfectly viable spiritual alternative to spending time in a church.

Hopefully, God agrees 🙂

Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “Church of summer

  1. amen….

    See what becky has been blogging about: W.I.P.– i still have too…..

  2. i DO think God would agree!
    lovely sunday morning!!

    See what leslie has been blogging about: taking a little walk

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