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Mosaic Tuesday?

I have a raging mosquito bite on my ankle to thank for getting me up two hours earlier than I’ve been used to this summer. I initially tried to resist, given the fact that I was up fairly late last night, but then I gave in to it. For one thing, school starts in just over a week, and I need to get used to being up earlier anyway. For another thing, I could always steal a little nap for myself later if I need one, And lastly, while I was scratching my foot off, I had an idea. And I think it’s a good one.

I call it Mosaic Monday. And yes, I know it’s Tuesday, but I just can’t control which day of the week an itchy bug bite is going to wake me up and inspire me, you know? So, let me introduce my idea, and if it will make you feel better to pretend today is Monday, you can go ahead and do that, ok? Ok.

Here is what Mosaic Monday will entail, and why I think it will work nicely for me:

  • I’m already making Week in Review and Six One Way mosaics every Monday anyway, and it would be nice to share them here, I think.
  • I’ve been considering changing my Friday Flickr Favorites mosaic to Mondays, just so that all of my mosaic-making can happen at the same time.
  • I thought of a new mosaic I’ll call Shop Spotlight, which I may want to tie into a sale or giveaway of some kind.
  • Mondays are often housework-intensive, or full of business catch-up around here, and it would actually be kind of nice to have a low-maintenance blog feature to put together so I don’t have to think too much about what to say.

So, without further ado, I present Mosaic Monday on Tuesday (you can click on the images for more details):

Week in Review

A photo mosaic, meant to represent a week of my life. Inspired by Jek-in-the-box and submitted to her Week in Review pool.

Week in Review: August 18

Apparently, last week was dominated by muffins and web design…

Six One Way

Each three-panel strip highlights significant moments in motherhood and family life for the previous week. Originally started as a collaborative blog by Vintage Chica and Blue Yonder, there is now a flickr group in which anyone may participate.

Six One Way: Week of August 18

Air, Land, “Sea.”

Flickr Favorites

These are other people’s photos that spoke to me during the previous week. Usually I am drawn to colors, lifestyles, or projects that I’d like to try.

(I posted my most recent favorites already)

Shop Spotlight

Consider this your invitation to check out an area of my shop you may not have seen before.

Button Crazy

I know you’ve all seen my buttons around here, but I am going to feature them first, because I already have a mosaic made for them!  The buttons are all made entirely of polymer clay, many of them in color schemes that coordinate specifically with designer fabrics. You can find more buttons here and here. And if you’d like the chance to win a button (your choice!), leave a comment here. I’ll draw a random winner tomorrow (Wednesday).

Retroactive winning is allowed, if you place an order today. See a button you like, buy it now, and if you win tomorrow, I’ll apply the discount to your existing order.

[edited 08/27: And the winner is celia!  Congrats.]

So, what do we think? Shall I meet you back here for Mosaic Monday next week? It’ll be a lot less wordy next time since you won’t need all of the background – more pictures, less yapping 😀

Posted on 15 Comments

15 thoughts on “Mosaic Tuesday?

  1. sorry about your mosquito bite! i got bitten by some crazy hungry mosquitos last weekend who even bit me on the face (for whatever reason, usually they at least have some mercy and stay away from there!) so i feel your pain.

    mosaic monday sounds fun (even though I personally probably can’t get it together to do it…). and i’d love the chance to win a button. i haven’t been entering giveaways because i don’t need more stuff, but buttons are small, right? 🙂

    See what lindamade has been blogging about: Weekend Roundup

  2. Oooh, I hate itchy bug-bites. You never realise they’re bug bites until you’ve scratched them that first time thinking they’re just an itch, then, wam, itch, itch, itch, itch!

  3. Your buttons are beautiful! And I like the idea of a mosaic monday…it works well…it flows. I am coming back to check it out!

    See what Teresa has been blogging about: We Have A Winner

  4. I like the idea! How do you make those Flickr mosaics anyway?

    I’ve been lucky this summer (knock on wood) and haven’t gotten any mosquito bites. Although the baby did get one, it didn’t seem to bother him (thank god!) and the hubby did get a couple bee stings.

    And finally, I do love your buttons. They are super cool.

    See what Melissa has been blogging about: Crafty Childhood Memories

    1. I use the tool at Big Huge Labs for mosaic-making. You can tie it into your flickr account, or you can upload images directly there. It’s a really nifty tool, and it’s free, which is even nicer 🙂

  5. Here, mosquito season is gone past – the evenings are too cold again for them and the dragonflies are helicopter sized.

    The buttons are lovely! And I’m with the other commentor, which flickr tools make the mosaics? I need more geeking.

    1. See above 🙂 There’s plenty of geeking available there.

  6. I love your photo mosaics… keep ’em coming!

  7. Those pajama pants are great! I love that fabric and now I need to make ones for me, lol….

    See what celia has been blogging about: I am 35 now!

  8. I’m all over Mosaic Mondays! There’s always so much fun stuff to look at and be inspired by…that button mosaic is fabulous!

    I hear you on the bug bites too; no fun! Giveaways take some of the sting out of bites, though. 😉

    See what Laura has been blogging about: Vibrant necklace – karmabeads

  9. Love the mosaics. It is a good way to start the week. Geeky is good.


  10. I love your beautiful buttons! Perfect inspiration for a new bag!!!

    See what Nichole has been blogging about: Home Again!

  11. Your buttons are gorgeous — I have never seen anything like them, wow! Cute PJs, muffins look tasty…your blog is beautiful, I’ll be back for a visit!! Thanks for offering a chance to win.

  12. Mosquitos love me at this time of year, so I completely empathize with your bite. Ick! LOVE the buttons, and they are even gorgeouser (gorgeouser?) in mosaic form 🙂

    See what Robyn has been blogging about: Bernina Aurora 440 QE: Free-motion Quilting – Part 2 of 2 – The BSR!

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