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Color junkies and the websites who love them

Mmmmmm. Colors. The image above is of tiles I made to show the different cane designs I’ve made in my Swamp color scheme. This particular combination of colors came to me as I was driving through the Great Swamp in late spring a few years ago – the sky, the bark on the trees, and […]

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Good Morning, Sunshine!

I’ve been seeing comments lately from readers who say they look forward to reading my posts as they sip their morning tea… that’s so very sweet! But now, knowing that I have a legion of fans counting on me, I can’t go to bed without saying something entertaining, can I? (Perhaps “legion” is a bit […]

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D is for Dr. Pepper

In the Encyclopedia of Me, D is for Dr. Pepper – the only Doctor I’d willingly visit every day…  And that’s really all I need to say about that, isn’t it?  Mmmmmm. I have been a walking ball of stress all day.  I slept poorly last night, which I’m sure didn’t help, and when I […]

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Image transfers and clay weekend

Hello, friends! I just read this information on Donna Kato’s blog: If you use her method of image transfers on Epson paper, you may have a problem in the future. Check it out. I’m back from my clay weekend. A fun time was had, a couple of things were made (well, half-made, anyway) and some […]

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It’s heeeeere!

Let the creativity begin! Donna Kato’s new book has arrived! I saw the FedEx truck at the top of the driveway and wandered over to see what was being delivered. When I saw that it was three boxes from Watson-Guptill, I abandoned my happily-playing boys in the backyard and tore into a box. I have […]

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Calling all authors!

I have a lot more readers to this blog than I used to, so even though I posted an announcement to this effect last year, it bears repeating: Polka Dot Creations is in search of interesting and well-written polymer clay tutorials encompassing a variety of techniques. The articles will be featured on our website and […]

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Tantalizing Crayons

How you seen today’s Polymer Clay Daily post? If not, go ahead. I’ll wait. Ok? It brought to mind Lindly’s first video, Tantalizing Translucents. The entire video is dedicated to translucent clay and includes projects that take advantage of the see-through nature of the clay (like Mokume Gane) and projects that encourage you to play […]

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Bottles of Hope

The new issue of Art Doll Quarterly includes an article about AMACO’s Bottles of Hope Challenge. Helen Bradley, Lisa Pavelka and Dottie McMillan are interviewed, and there are images of bottles by Helen and Dotty, as well as bottles by Francisco Vallin, Michelle Zimmerman, and Linda Hess. The article looks like nobody bothered to proofread […]

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