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Joy in the daydream

Skirt weather has arrived, and oh, how I have missed it!  I didn’t realize quite how much until I spent yesterday twirling around in my favorite a-line.  Skirt-wearing brings a sort of effervescence with it that I find hard to capture in other ways.  I suppose it’s just that it makes me feel “girly,” which […]

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Aidan’s having a Raving Rabbids birthday party next weekend, and I wanted something special to wear. Hey, if the guys are getting t-shirts, it’s only fair that I get a new party skirt 😀 I had found the Rabbids images online, mirrored them, and printed them onto t-shirt transfer paper.  I made the skirt itself […]

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Just beachy

Now that both of my kids are school-age, I find that I appreciate my role as at-home Mom most deeply in the summer.  I’ve gotten used to having them both on schedules and gone for a great portion of the time during the school year, but in the summer?  In the summer, we can drop […]

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From Grandma’s table to my hips

I’ve had a small pile of fabric set aside for the last three months. In that stack was: two thrifted pillowcases in a lovely pink, yellow, and aqua stripe a roll of polka-dot grosgrain ribbon in dark brown and aqua my grandmother’s tablecloth, white with a yellow, pink, and aqua floral border These were to […]

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Opportunities lost

I spent a good portion of my day behind the sewing machine.  I made a few more head scarves from Weekend Sewing – those things are just what I need for keeping my long hair out of my face when I’m leaning over a project, or (more importantly) out of my eyes and my mouth […]

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Skirting the issues

Hi, everyone!  Hoping you have been having a lovely holiday!  We have, and it’s not over yet.  We’ve got the traditional day-after-Christmas get-together with my family later tonight.  I’ve got a delicious Pumpkin Trifle to make for that, and some gifts I haven’t wrapped yet, but other than that, I’m good to go. I thought […]

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Unique batik

Sarah forwarded a link to me this morning for a Martha Stewart “Easy Batik” project. I’ve always really loved the look of batik, but have never considered trying it myself – entirely too complicated. But Martha’s project looked very very simple. The only thing I found wrong with it was the fact that it didn’t […]

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Skirt sickness and sugar scrub

Is there such a thing as Skirtmakers Anonymous? It’s not so much that I like wearing skirts (although, I definitely do). It’s more that I like wearing skirts that I made. Have you seen some of the new skirts that Target has this season? I love them! But I’ve been passing them by on the […]

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Reasons to be cheerful

1. Making RTBC a regular feature, because, hey! cheer is contagious 🙂 2. Bitter Betty’s Strawberry Lime Jam, which I feel I really must try. 3. Finding enough leftover pieces of a favorite fabric to cobble together a skirt at 11:00 Saturday night, to wear the following day. And, having time on that particular following […]

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Another holiday, another skirt

Hello, Friends. Happy Fourth of July! I’m all about the last minute. Case in point: I made my holiday skirt this morning. I got out of bed, brushed my teeth, and sat down on the family room floor to cut out my fabric while the boys watched a little Spongebob (Oh! Speaking of Spongebob, you […]

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