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Joy in the daydream


Skirt weather has arrived, and oh, how I have missed it!  I didn’t realize quite how much until I spent yesterday twirling around in my favorite a-line.  Skirt-wearing brings a sort of effervescence with it that I find hard to capture in other ways.  I suppose it’s just that it makes me feel “girly,” which is something, I will be honest, I have not always thought I wanted.

I spent a lot of my young-adult days immersed in math and computers and hanging out with “the guys,” and very little of it playing dress-up.

But now?  Now I put on a skirt and I feel feminine, flirty, creative, happy.  I start daydreaming about picking out strawberries at the farmers market, sewing a new apron, clipping that first peony of the season to display on my kitchen windowsill.  Feelings of domesticity wash over me.

I may not always do anything about all of these thoughts – after all, the peony doesn’t bloom until late May, the farmers markets don’t start up until mid-June, and I happen to have enough aprons at the moment.  But there is joy simply in the daydream itself, don’t you think?


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Posted on 10 Comments

10 thoughts on “Joy in the daydream

  1. It really is your fault that the local Singer rep is selling me her demo model for the year. ’cause I’d love a couple little skirts and some napkins for the table, too.

    I always hung out with the boys mostly and did math and computer stuff… but also doodled pictures and wore skirts. Mostly because they were way more comfortable than jeans to my little kid self.
    .-= See Elaine’s latest blog post: Turning 4 =-.

    1. I never cared for skirts, mainly because I was afraid of having to sit in a “ladylike” manner. Now that I know how much better they feel than anything else I have, and I know how to be comfy without flashing anyone, I’m totally in the skirt zone.

      Hooray for a new sewing machine! Can’t wait to see what you make 🙂

      1. Yeah I never worried about ladylike matter. I wear jeans these days but for a true work from home geek-ette, I have a lot of skirts.

        Funny, there are no complaints from the guy quadrant (now, or then) just the occasional mom and aunt one.

        And the thrift stores HERE have old sheets for a buck or two. Other city I was in, they were the same price as retail and not skirt worthy!
        .-= See Elaine’s latest blog post: Phew! =-.

        1. All of this skirt talk is getting me in the mood to do another sheet swap like I did two years ago…

  2. I can’t wait to sew up some new summer skirts. =)
    .-= See Addie’s latest blog post: 9 Tote Bags =-.

    1. Me too! I keep taking a mental inventory of my stash, trying to keep myself from being tempted to hit the thrift shop 😀

  3. Yeah! Daydream! But the best thing is that Spring and Summer WILL come! Love that skirt! Amazing super summery fabric!
    .-= See Barbara’s latest blog post: First things first! =-.

    1. Isn’t it great? It used to be a vintage sheet, and the remnant was sent to me as a thank-you for hosting a sheet swap a few years ago. Turns out to be my favorite piece from that swap!
      It’s feeling very lovely again today – almost warm enough to have breakfast outside.

  4. I have to know what pattern you use to make your skirts…I have a pile of wonderful vintage sheets that are asking to be turned into spring/summer skirts!
    .-= See Dara’s latest blog post: Oh No! Not Again! =-.

    1. I’m jealous of your wealth in vintage sheets!

      I used the book Sew What! Skirts to teach me how to make a pattern to my own measurements. And now, I have this perfect pattern that makes skirts exactly the way I like them.

      I can’t rave enough about that book!

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