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Reasons to be cheerful

1. Making RTBC a regular feature, because, hey! cheer is contagious 🙂

2. Bitter Betty’s Strawberry Lime Jam, which I feel I really must try.

New pendant

3. Finding enough leftover pieces of a favorite fabric to cobble together a skirt at 11:00 Saturday night, to wear the following day. And, having time on that particular following day, to make a matching pendant.

Clay day

4. New Jersey Polymer Clay Guild workshops, particularly when I manage to produce 28 buttons and two pendants while I’m there.

5. Recyclable batteries. Not only are they much better for the environment than their disposable counterparts, but they are waaaaaay cheaper in the long run, and they have superior staying power. Plus, I never have to go scrambling around the house looking for batteries when I need to replace a set. I just recharge the ones I’ve got.

6. Kim at the Fat Quarter Shop says she expects to have the Mackenzie Christmas collection sometime this month. So now I don’t have to worry that I’ll never be able to find it. Yay! (All I have to do now is try to sell my existing Christmas linens so I can pay for it…)

Boring Office Guy doesn't wear socks

7. Boring Office Guy still makes the occasional appearance around here. And he doesn’t wear socks. That cracks me up (and strikes me as not being particularly boring).  This weekend he built himself a cubicle in the family room.

8. A big bag of rhubarb, which I’ve never made anything from before, sitting in the fridge, full of possibilities.  Free rhubarb, at that!


9. Little indulgences.  Like a mint mocha chip frozen drink on the couch, in front of the computer, after the kidlets are in bed.

10. Catching up on my blog-reading in pigtails.  I mean, really, how can you not be cheerful when your hair is in pigtails?


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Posted on 18 Comments

18 thoughts on “Reasons to be cheerful

  1. Thank you for sharing your reasons to be cheerful. I think I want to start do that as well!

    1. Absolutely. The more the merrier!

  2. i think i need to try pigtails. . .you’re right about being cheerful in them.

    1. Yeah, in fact, I was feeling really grouchy earlier today and decided to pigtail myself up to try and combat that unpleasant feeling. It actually did help a bit 🙂

  3. I love the reasons to be cheerful! I think I am going to try that for myself. I try to hold down the negative as much as possible and this would definitely help! BTW, I was tagged and since You are one of a few blogs I keep up with …do you mind being tagged? Let me know! PS, love the new buttons!

    See what Kimberly has been blogging about: I’ve Been Tagged!

    1. Oh, you should! It seems to help my outlook a bit when I remember those small happy things 🙂

      As for tagging, I’ve already been tagged a few times and I don’t think I have much more to say – but thanks anyway for thinking of me!

  4. I think we might need more footage of Boring Office Guy.
    I am cheered just thinking about it. 🙂

    1. Heh. I’ll have to see if he’s up for an encore performance. In the meantime, how about some scenes from this weekend’s sighting:

      Boring Office Guy strikes a pose. Boring Office Guy's office Boring Office Guy's office

      1. I feel that his cubicle would be a little small for me, but also think he may be on to something with his polka-dotted desk surface and box of Yoo-Hoo. I will be incorporating these into my Boring Office Job at some point, I am sure.

        1. I passed along your comments this morning, and BOG just looked at me blankly and said, “I don’t know what she means.” Apparently BOG hadn’t had his morning coffee yet and needed the big words like “incorporating” explained to him. Once he realized it was a complement he grinned big 😀

  5. I am so going to try that jam recipe too. sounds delish and strawberries are super cheap now.

    yes yes, more boring office guy!!!

    1. See above 🙂

  6. Great reasons! I agree that we need more boring office guy. And we need to see you in pigtails!

    1. I felt the need for pigtails today, so I took my picture. Perhaps it will come to a flickr account near you soon 😀

  7. The mention of the strawberry-lime jelly reminded me of these little miniature limes a friend of mine has been getting at Wal-mart. They’re so cute, you really don’t want to eat them and they’re REALLY limey in taste too.

    1. Aw, we don’t have any Wal-marts around here that sell produce. Bummer. Those sound cute.

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