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He likes his spaghetti blue

At least, that was the verdict when I asked him how we should celebrate his birthday dinner.

“Do you want me to make your favorite (plain unadulterated pasta) at home? Or do you want us to take you out somewhere?” I asked.

He pondered it over for a quarter of an hour before replying.

“Let’s have supper at home, but we can make it special.  I’d like the pasta to be blue!”

365 day 94 - I've got the Cheese Touch

And so I dug around the back of the spice cabinet for the bottle of long-neglected food coloring, and boiled my younger son a pot of blue water.

Blue spaghetti, a day in our pajamas, unlimited wii time, and a few rounds of the cheese touch game… A happy eighth birthday, if ever there was one, I’d say!

He agrees.


Posted on 6 Comments

6 thoughts on “He likes his spaghetti blue

  1. Happy Birthday!! Sounds like an awesome one to me! 🙂

  2. I wanna see the blue spaghetti and his mouth after eating it! happy birthday bud.

  3. wow, is he lucky. I didn’t get blue spaghetti yesterday for my brthday. Happy *share my birthday* day!!

  4. So cute! It is birthdays like these that he will remember no matter how old he becomes.

  5. Thanks, everybody. We all had a nice day, yesterday. And for future reference, it’s very hard to make spaghetti blue – it really, really wants to be green!

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