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Spaghetti Dogs

Spaghetti Dogs

Spaghetti dogs

Spaghetti dogs

Spaghetti dogs

I first saw this on Pinterest with no source given.  I found it repulsive in a can’t-avert-my-eyes kind of way, and so I google image searched my way to the original.  I showed it to the one person in this house (other than me) who likes both pasta and hot dogs, and he was all over the idea.

There’s really not a whole lot to it.  Insert uncooked spaghetti into cut up hot dogs, boil until “legs” become wiggly and (let’s be honest) a little stomach-churning.

We only made eight, because nobody but Eamonn planned to try them.

He and I actually filmed the making of this recipe in an effort to give you another installment of the Flufy Cooking Show, but sadly my SD card is refusing to give up the goods when I insert it into the computer.  So no video today, but maybe tomorrow if I manage to get it working.

As far as the recipe itself, what did the little one think? “Not as good as plain pasta, but still really good.”  Should we make them again? “Definitely.”

So there you have it.  Easy to make, fun to eat, and just a wee bit gross.  Perfect 8-year-old boy fare!

How about you – cook up anything kid-friendly and/or weird lately?



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Posted on 16 Comments

16 thoughts on “Spaghetti Dogs

  1. Do you have to be only eight to eat it???

    Because – I would eat it in a heartbeat. Not just because I like pasta and I like hot dogs. But because it’s wierd food. And I dunno… i just like wierd things sometimes. Like peanut butter and dill pickle sandwiches with mayonnaise. If you haven’t tried it yet: I double-dog dare you. It was suggested to eat it with fried balogna inside. I haven’t tried that one yet, but I plan to.

    Pssst… gonna share a secret with Eamonn: our Army son from Georgia is sneaking home to visit over the Labor Day weekend. Nobody knows about it but me. We haven’t seen he and his wife for almost a year. So guess what??? I’m totally serving Hot Dogs With Legs for dinner that night. My family will kill me! Hahahah, but it will make a lasting memory – one they will tell their kids, I’m sure. Thank you, thank you, for sharing this way-cool food idea. 😀

    1. Ok, the sound of that sandwich makes me gag. But in a very supportive, “as long as it makes you happy” kind of way 😉 I do, however, love a few peculiar combinations myself, most notably toasted peanut butter & bacon, and sweet pickles & tuna salad.

      I told Eamonn you’re making the hot dogs for your grown son and he grinned (that’s about all of the reaction you’re going to get from him while he’s deep into an issue of Bone).

      1. Hmmmmmm, toasted peanut butter and bacon?! Sounds gross… I’m gonna have to try that! 😀

        Sadly, I didn’t get to fix hot dogs with legs for my visiting children. Schedules were a bit confused and minds were changed three times so that, in the end, I didn’t do any cooking whatsoever. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t be trying it out on myself! And I like the idea of adding some sort of sauce to it. A cheesy sauce does sound good, ala Molly’s suggestion.

  2. Hahaaaa!….I saw that too and was both a bit repulsed and intrigued! Maybe you guys can make Bacon-Cheese-HotDog Turtles! Or have you done that already? 😀

    1. Unfortunately the picky eaters I am dealing with don’t do melted cheese. Or bacon, believe it or not. Who doesn’t love bacon?

      1. Bizarro, Lisa, truly bizarro!!

  3. Now, you toss a few cubes of Velvetta in with the sketti and dog and I am on that like white on rice!

    1. Ew. 🙂
      I could probably deal with it in some kind of sauce, but I don’t think a cheezey one would do it for me.

  4. […] away from the sweets, I wonder how my kids would react to these Spaghetti Dogs from Polka Dot.  I might have to try them for lunch this […]

  5. Yeah, gotta say, I am in no way grossed out and think it looks fantastic.

    1. Neil thinks I should have left the hot dogs whole, and pierced it along the length with smaller pieces of spaghetti – centipede!

  6. That would be both creepier and awesomer.

  7. Sharing: Spaghetti Dogs #freebie

  8. OK, when our now-a-teen girlie was just past two, a friend of ours introduced her to spider dogs. Basically, you make a slice into the end of a hot dog, turn the dog 45-degrees and repeat, so that you have four “legs” at the end of the dog. Turn the dog and repeat on the other end. Slices should be about 1-2 inches long so that you still have a good, sturdy “body”. Grill. Watch the legs curl up. Serve to gleeful eaters. (Our girlie is trying to eat veggie these days, and we haven’t tried tofu dogs (urg), but she still remembers these VERY fondly).

    1. Oh, yes, I’ve seen those! I definitely have to show those to my 8-year-old – I think he’d love them.

      1. They serve the spider dogs at the Iowa State Fair!!!!
        And they are a HUGE hit!

        What about a spaghetti/chili sauce?

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