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TWiP: Slacker

This Week in Pictures, Week 13, 2020

Since I am working full time from home now, my personal desk is now my work desk, and I just don’t want to be here on such a constant basis. So, I pretty much didn’t turn the computer on at all on Saturday or Sunday. Or many of the other nights this week. I’m finally doing this now, because I really, really don’t want to end up in a situation where I am posting two TWiPs on one day.

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Knits in progress

I would like to start this post by instructing Boring Office Guy, who is subscribed via email, to cease reading and destroy this message immediately, lest he spoil a Christmas surprise. Thank you. Ok, now that he’s gone… let’s talk about what’s been on my needles lately, starting with something for me: This is going […]

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My Poodle Costume

Or, How to Make an Ugly Vest in Four Easy Steps. This is my first knitted garment, and I knew within the first few rows of knitting that I wasn’t really going to like it much.  But I pressed on, because I wanted to learn the mechanics of vest-making, do a little experimenting, and use […]

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