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TWiP: This color

This Week in Pictures, Week 31, 2019

Is there any color more peaceful and contented than this minty green / vintagey aqua color? No. No there is not.

So, what is This Week in Pictures?

It’s a roundup of the microblogging I’ve done on Flickr and Instagram all week. This includes photos I shot for Project 365 and any other extra images I may have posted.

Photos taken with 📷 (Canon EOS 80D) or 📱 (Samsung Galaxy S7).

Ready? Cast your mind back to this time last week…


My Rings of Saturn shawl so far. I have to put in a few hours at work this morning, but when I get home, it’s going to be all about the crocheting!

(View original Project 365 post on Flickr.)

Well, hello, Saturday afternoon! I have been waiting for you 💙

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Sunday morning coffee and crochet at Mom & Dad’s house. I just love this little guest room. I stay here now and then for a little visit, and a mini solo vacation ♥

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The weekend is coming to a close, unfortunately. I probably have a few more rows in me, and then I’ll have to go back to sneaking in stitches on my lunch hour and after work. I’m really happy with the amount of progress I’ve made, though!

(View original Project 365 post on Flickr.)


I noticed yesterday that all of my images from the weekend were primarily shades of blue and green. I wondered if I could keep that up all week. One look at my desk on Monday morning, and I don’t think it’s going to be a problem for me 😁

(View original Project 365 post on Flickr.)


Today’s desktop theme is “Coffee I’d Rather be Drinking”

(View original Project 365 post on Flickr.)

Just started the 4th and last color! This is going so fast! I wish I loved it, but sadly it is not knocking my socks off. The good news is that it went so quickly, I can try again with different colors, and fix some other mistakes I’ve made while I’m at it. And I can keep this one as backup, in case I don’t finish the new one in time for #hugoawards2019 😊

(View original post on Instagram.)


The home stretch! If my lunch hour was a lunch two hours, I’d be finished 😁

(View original Project 365 post on Flickr.)


I finished it after dinner, blocked it overnight, and threw it on a fence for a quick snapshot this morning. I like it a lot more than I did while it was coming together, but it’s still not quite what I wanted. My gauge was terribly off – it’s about half the size it’s supposed to be. Of course, that just means that I have plenty of yarn leftover for the next shawl. Which I’ve already started 😜

(View original post on Instagram.)


(View original Project 365 post on Flickr.)


So, let’s end the week as we began: sitting on the bed, crocheting a new shawl…

(View original Project 365 post on Flickr.)

Thanks for taking a peek at this week’s photos! If you want to see this stuff as it happens, please feel free to follow me on Flickr or Instagram ♥


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Posted on 5 Comments

5 thoughts on “TWiP: This color

  1. Love your photos and persistence. I like your new shawl and look forward to seeing the next one.😁

    1. Thanks, Chloe 🙂

  2. Love that color, and love your self-care vibe. And the projects.

    1. I think I am one of those people who has no problem whatsoever carving out time for self care. For better or for worse 😉

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