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TWiP: Yarn-based angst

So, what is This Week in Pictures?

It’s a roundup of the microblogging I’ve done on Flickr and Instagram all week. This includes photos I shot for Project 365 and any other extra images I may have posted.

Photos taken with 📷 (Canon EOS 80D) or 📱 (Samsung Galaxy S7).

Ready? Cast your mind back to this time last week…


I’m putting in some extra hours at the Day Job today, but when I got to the office, I realized I forgot my key 🙄. So, back home again. And I decided to just work from here now, so I don’t waste more time in travel. It’s comfy and photogenic here anyway, which is really what’s important when it comes to getting things done 🤣

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The water in Grandma and Grandpa’s pool is 90F!

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We had a party for my nephew’s 21st birthday this afternoon, but he spent most of the day eluding my camera.

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I have spent most of the day in this spot, escaping the heat, watching TV, and wishing my recent yarn order had arrived so I could spend my copious free hours crocheting my new shawl. It’s made me irritable. I finally decided to do something productive and weave a few more squares. I still have no idea what I’m going to do with these squares, but at least they took my mind off of the project I couldn’t start.

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I’m finding my #instaxsummerlrc project to be so underwhelming. I look at my photos as a whole and I think “meh.” This was supposed to be a collection of summer family memories, but I’m not getting that vibe at all. It’s a combination of my inexperience with the camera, and a complete lack of cooperation on the part of my offspring. I honestly thought everyone would be excited to be a part of my little project (which, now that I think about it, is crazy). Instead, the teenagers hide when they see me coming. I’m disappointed, but it’s not too late to change focus, and it’s not too late to learn a bit to improve my #instaxmini photography. Yesterday I watched a bunch of instax-related YouTube videos, and then I took this photo to represent our heatwave. The thermometer crept up above 100F!

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Went for a lunch hour drive. Stopped to appreciate the wildflowers.

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My hands are getting antsy waiting for my yarn order to arrive. I improvised this quickie eyeglass case to give me something to do. Giving it a good soak now.

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They only had one scraggly bunch of zinnias left at the farm. My desk needed some flowers, darnit, so I bought them anyway.

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Such squishy colorful yarn from @ontheround – I love it 😍

I’m having second thoughts about how these four colors work together, though… I like them in various pairs, but all four? Not sure. I don’t have time to wait for more yarn, and there are no local shops open tonight, so I guess I’m forging ahead with this combo.

It’ll be fine, right? 😁

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I found an open yarn shop last night! @shopyarnia to the rescue! I bought one skein that I thought went nicely with the others, only I am still conflicted 😬. I must start crocheting my #ringsofsaturnshawl today. What combination would you choose?

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My angst-filled decision-making process is over. Thank you, everyone who weighed in. It helped that most of you picked the colors I was leaning towards anyway 😉

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Here we go. The very humble beginnings of what I hope will be a glamorous shawl to wrap around my basic black dress at the Hugo Awards in Dublin next month.

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Hot dogs and wine. A weird combination that maybe I won’t do again, and definitely wouldn’t have done this time if I’d known I was paying $15 a glass. I assumed diner wine would be more affordable.

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Thanks for taking a peek at this week’s photos! If you want to see this stuff as it happens, please feel free to follow me on Flickr or Instagram ♥


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2 thoughts on “TWiP: Yarn-based angst

  1. I like the combo you picked; that would have been my first choice. I like the middle one, too. Happy crocheting!

    1. It was a tough decision! And now that I’m working on the shawl, I’m still second-guessing myself! Luckily they’re all nice colors, so whatever happens, even if it’s not exactly what I envisioned, it’s won’t be terrible or anything 🙂

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