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Calendar fun

Let me share what I’ve been playing with today, because I think it’s really nifty.  Paige Balcer of Shutter Sisters shared this set of Photoshop templates that can be used to make a small photo calendar.  The resulting pages are the perfect size to fit inside a CD jewel case for display.  Alternately, a colorful […]

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Picture Fall, week 4

It doesn’t feel like it’s been a week since my last set of Picture Fall pictures.  Maybe that’s because I’ve barely written anything else here since then. So how about you enjoy these next seven images, and I will go off in search of my blogging mojo.  Deal? Day 23: Rhythm of Repetition (Isn’t this […]

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A year of mornings

I finished my 365 project last week.  I had chosen the theme “A Year of Mornings” after discovering this Flickr group, which was inspired by Maria Alexandra Vettese and Stephanie Congdon Barnes’ year-long photo blog, that eventually became this book. One of my reasons for choosing mornings was that I owned the book, and I […]

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Picture Fall, week 3

I let Friday come and go without sharing the latest batch of Picture Fall photos… shame on me.  Here they are, because I know you’ve all been waiting breathlessly.  Right? Day 16: Juxtaposition Day 17: Bounty Day 18: Muse Day 19: Scattered Day 20: Connection Day 21: Serving up Kindness Day 22: Darks and Lights […]

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Bribery will get you everywhere

Or, at least to Ohio. I’ll spare you the silly details, but let me just say that this week Neil and I found ourselves at an impasse.  One of us wanted to attend an event in Ohio soon, the other of us (who wasn’t too keen on the Ohio idea) had been jonesing for this […]

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Friday Photo Love – Picture Fall, week 2

I haven’t been here as much as I’d have liked to be, the last few days.  Things are busy here, plus we are down to one car at the moment, so I’m taking kids to school and husbands to work, and then picking everyone back up again a few hours later.  Some of my blogging […]

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Thumbless Dashing

I just realized it’s been a year since I first picked up the knitting needles.  My first project with them was a pair of fingerless gloves, and surprise, surprise, guess what my most recent project has been? Yes, it’s another pair of Dashing.  After making three pairs for other people, I was eager to make […]

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