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Picture Fall, week 4

It doesn’t feel like it’s been a week since my last set of Picture Fall pictures.  Maybe that’s because I’ve barely written anything else here since then.

So how about you enjoy these next seven images, and I will go off in search of my blogging mojo.  Deal?

Picture Fall Day 23: Rhythm of Repetition

Day 23: Rhythm of Repetition
(Isn’t this a cool hotel?  It’s the Rockville, MD Hilton, where we were last weekend for Capclave.  I thought it fit the prompt nicely.)

Picture Fall Day 24: Family Matters

Day 24: Family Matters

Picture Fall Day 25: Fall Colors

Day 25: Fall Colors

Picture Fall Day 26: Open Heart, Open Mind

Day 26: Open Heart, Open Mind

Picture Fall Day 27: Leafy Love

Day 27: Leafy Love

Picture Fall Day 28: The Great Pumpkin

Day 28: The Great Pumpkin

Picture Fall Day 29: Sweet Relief

Day 29: Sweet Relief

Just two more days left of this.  Once it’s over, I’ll have no photo projects on my plate at all until December.  I’m not sure if I’m going to take November off, or fill it up with A Month of Gratitude.  I’m leaning towards the latter.  If I did that, and made a Flickr group for it, would any of you be up for joining in?

BTW, I’ve been meaning to say something about the titles of the photos.  I give my images titles that match the Picture Fall prompts.  The thing is, the prompt is always explained in a paragraph or two (the full text of which I don’t share here for obvious copyright-and-ethical reasons), and often the detail leads you somewhere you don’t expect.  This is why there are times when the photo titles don’t seem to have anything to do with the image.  Just in case you wondered!  Also, if a photo has you curious, click on it.  I sometimes go into a little more detail about it on the flickr page.

Posted on 3 Comments

3 thoughts on “Picture Fall, week 4

  1. Sure, I could do a month of gratitude – Thanksgiving was *this month* here but I’ve got piles to be happy and thankful for anyways!

  2. Yes…I would love to join a month of gratitude

  3. I’ll join in. Even though we don’t do Thanksgiving in Australia I could certainly do with being a little thankful at the moment :-).


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