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Plaid Shawl Pin Tutorial + giveaway winner

It’s time for another Polka Dot Download! How about a little something in clay this time?  Through the Plaid Shawl Pin Tutorial, you will learn how to make a deceptively simple plaid-patterned cane and then use it in the construction of a shawl pin like this one.  (Be sure to have a look here, if […]

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Friday Photo Love – Picture Fall, week 1

Before I get started, I just want to thank you for all of your sweet comments on my last post – I would love to respond to them individually, but I don’t want to confuse the running of the contest by mixing my own comments in there.  So, I’m staying silent, but I am reading […]

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Plaid shawl pin giveaway

I realized yesterday that I hadn’t made a millefiori cane since January.  January! How did that happen?  longest. dry spell. ever. So you know that small counter space I cleaned off yesterday? Well, I filled it up with clay paraphernalia.  And I made myself a plaid cane using colors that I thought would complement my […]

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The Swamp Trip

[This post was written by my 10-year-old son, Aidan, aka Boring Office Guy.  Enjoy! –Lisa] I am my mom’s son (obviously) but my point is Lisa is my mom. Anyway this is my first post and it is about this swamp trip. Here are the pictures my mom inspired me to make. By the way […]

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Mother Son Swamp Trek

I got an itch to wander through the Great Swamp today with my camera, and Aidan decided to come with me. Having lost his beloved flip video camera on Friday night, I suggested he borrow my old Canon S3 – it doesn’t zoom anymore, but everything else about it works, including the video functions. We […]

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