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Pillows for the van

My mother-in-law acquires throw pillows like nobody’s business. And often, when she’s in purge mode, I am the beneficiary of the no-longer-needed ones. This week, I was given two 20-inch squishy down pillows that I thought would be nice in my van. I didn’t much care for the army green covers, but I knew just […]

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File under ironic

It’s no secret that my van has seen it’s share of wrong-place-wrong-time accidents: one for every year since 2008, in fact. I guess we were due for a little 2011 mishap, but when the tree (our vehicles’ most imminent threat) came down on Thursday, I allowed myself to feel a twinge of optimism that we’d avoided such a […]

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If I didn’t know better…

Remember this from 1.5 years ago?  It was the first time we’d had any major damage to one of our cars.  The door was replaced within a week, though, and all was right with the vehicular world. Well, if I didn’t know better, I’d say there was a god of van doors, and that he […]

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The sound of chainsaws in the morning

I think I’m over my pity party regarding my van.  Thank you for attending .  Now I’m just struck by the immenseness of all this. That’s a whole lotta tree.  It’s awfully cool in a “destructive force of nature that thankfully hurt no one” kind of way. Look at the size of that tree trunk!  […]

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Gutsy gusts and such

There’s a wind storm here tonight.  Look what happened to my poor, beautiful van.  A really big tree came down and knocked into another tree, which dropped a big branch onto the van.  The original fallen tree is stretched across our driveway and half of our front yard, blocking us in. I’m thankful that it […]

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