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Friday Photo Love – Picture Fall, week 2

I haven’t been here as much as I’d have liked to be, the last few days.  Things are busy here, plus we are down to one car at the moment, so I’m taking kids to school and husbands to work, and then picking everyone back up again a few hours later.  Some of my blogging time has necessarily been traded in for driving time.  I hope that by next week the whole thing will be sorted out, but you just never know!

I’m on the run again this morning, for something at the kids’ school, followed by something I need to do at work, so there’s no real time to chat here.  I do have a week’s worth of Picture Fall for you, though…


Day 9: What Remains


Day 10: Preparations


Day 11: Stripping Down


Day 12: Take Some Time Out


Day 13: Good Day Sunshine


Day 14: Unexpected Enchantment


Day 15: Mid-Month Message

If you’d like to see how others are interpreting the same prompts, you can visit the Shutter Sisters blog, where they are posting one participant’s photo from each day.

So how about you? Find any nice photos on Flickr this week?  Take any good ones yourself? Participating in a photo project and want to show us what you’re doing?  Leave a comment!  Happy Photo Love Friday!


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Posted on 1 Comment

1 thought on “Friday Photo Love – Picture Fall, week 2

  1. Lovely pics – and I luuuuurve the Mid-Month message! (chuckles…) Hugs, Lola

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