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The first half of January, and following me on Facebook

I hope those of you who are here for the handcrafts can bear with me a while longer while I work my way through this current photography kick of mine… My camera is always there with me, snapping away, but I don’t always make a point to talk about it here.

BUT, since I am on kind of a kick now, and I did invite you to do the Winter theme along with me (has anyone taken me up on that?) I thought I’d show you what I captured for the first half of the month.

Winter 1/31 - New beginnings

  1. New Beginnings

Winter 2/31: Resolutions

  1. Resolutions

Winter 3/31: Evening

  1. Evening

Winter 4/31: Morning

  1. Morning

Winter 5/31: Weekend

  1. Weekend

Winter 6/31 - Remnants of December

  1. Remnants of December

Winter 7/31 - Home

  1. Home

Winter 8/31 - Away from home

  1. Away from home

Winter 9/31 - Routine

  1. Routine

Winter 10/31- Work

  1. Work

Winter 11/31 - Relax

  1. Relax

Winter 12/31 - The sun

  1. The sun

Winter 13/31 - Winter selfie

  1. Winter selfie

Winter 14/31 - Comfort food (or drink?)

  1. Comfort food

Winter 15/31 - Darkness

  1. Darkness

If you’d like to play along, just see this post for all of the details.

Also, I’ve been meaning to mention, if you follow Polka Dot Cottage on Facebook, I have made a few changes. FB pages have become increasingly useless recently. Polka Dot Cottage has about 1500 fans, and yet most of my posts are only seen by about 30 people! It’s crazy. If you “like” a page, you should be seeing that page’s updates in your news feed, don’t you think? I hate to complain about a free service, but I have to wonder what the point is of maintaining a page that only 2% of my followers will even see!

Anyway, I will continue to maintain the Polka Dot Cottage FB page, of course, and you are welcome to keep reading there if it’s working for you. But if you feel like you are often missing my updates, I’d like to point out two ways to make things better:

  1. Get notifications from Polka Dot Cottage. I explain this in some detail in a FB post (that, ironically, not enough people saw to make a difference)
  2. Start following my personal FB profile.

About that second option: I have made it my policy not to accept friend requests from people I don’t know, but I recently enabled “following” on my account. This means, you don’t have to be my “friend” to get my updates on your news feed. You can sign up to follow me (the Follow button is right next to the Add Friend button), and you will start seeing my public posts.  (Notice I said “public” posts. There are still things that will be friends-only, but items like links to my blog posts and many of my photos are all public.)

I hope one of those suggestions helps you, if you want to be following me on Facebook but seem to be missing everything lately!



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Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “The first half of January, and following me on Facebook

  1. I am doing a 365 Project this year too, but find I have a problem with following along with themes. Not sure what that says about me?!

    Yes, the FB thing has become ridiculous. Why would I follow someone if I didn’t want to see what they had to say? What is really frustrating to me is if I post something with a link 30 people see it, if I post something without a link then over 300 people see it.

  2. Sounds like FB is still trying to shoot itself in the foot, Lisa 🙁

    I just love your fridge magnet: Try organic food… or as your grandparents called it “food”. I was so fortunate to grow up in a home where food was, indeed, organic. I’ve done my best to continue that with my own family. Sure ain’t easy, though 🙁

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