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Friends, fans and flus.

So I’m pretty sure what we’ve all been socked with is the flu.  Crossing my fingers all will be normal by Monday…

Getting some fresh air

We had a 65-degree day today, which is always welcome when the winter has been as bitterly cold as this winter has, but it’s even more exciting when you’ve spent the previous several days cooped up in the house feeling lousy.  We opened windows, and even ventured outside for a little while to get some air.  I don’t know if the fresh air did anything to heal me physically, but it certainly provided a mental lift.

One thing about being feverish – while you may feel too unpleasant to do anything that requires standing upright, quite often it’s not too much of a hardship to sit on the couch with a computer on your lap.

I’ve had a lot of computer time this week 😀

I read a few days ago that the old Facebook “Pages” (like those you would create for a business) are now going to be called “Public Profiles” and they are going to look and feel more like the personal profile pages.  That’s fine, but the part that really spoke to me in particular was the idea that updates to the public profiles will now be included in the news feeds of their fans.   In other words, if you became a fan of my Polka Dot Creations book store, and then I posted a photo of the latest and greatest Polymer Clay book to be published, you would see it mentioned on your Facebook home page.  This is a vast improvement over the old fan pages.  I don’t know about you, but any time I have become a fan of something on Facebook, I’ve visited the page once and never thought about it again.  This new way will allow businesses to easily keep their fan customers in the loop, and it keeps the customers from having to go out of their way to see what’s new on the page.  Win-win, I say.

Polka Dot Creations Lisa Clarke

So while I’ve been sitting around this week, I’ve updated my Polka Dot Creations Facebook page, and I’ve created one for my artwork as well.  Why?  Well, I have close to 500 Facebook friends on my personal profile right now, and many of them are more professional contacts than personal ones.  These people are probably more interested in the newest arrivals to one of my stores than they are in whether my neighbor is going to be dropping off my Girl Scout cookie order today (she did, by the way – thanks, Heather!)  I see this as a way for people to get the content they really want out of me, and as a way to manage my friend list better at the same time.

I’ve added “Find us on Facebook” buttons to all of the relevant areas on my websites, so anyone who would like to become a fan of either business is easily able to do so.

Now the next topic on my mind is:
Craft books with ugly covers – is it even worth cracking the binding to see what’s inside?

Stay tuned 😀

Maybe I’ll tackle that one after the fever passes.


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