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I can see so much sky now!

I think I’m going to miss this lovely old oak.  The way it filled up the sky with green.  Or, at this time of year, fiery red.

But it had been prone to throwing its branches at our vehicles from time to time, and recently it dropped the limb that broke the camel’s back.  Right on the roof of our garage.  So it was decided that the tree should go, and Thursday afternoon that is just what happened:

The old oak tree

The old oak tree

The old oak tree

The old oak tree

The old oak tree

The old oak tree

The old oak tree


It was a beautiful tree, but it made me nervous every time the wind blew.  I’d like to plant something in its place, perhaps one of those pretty pink trees I lust after each April.

For now, though, until the tree guys can come back with some better log-cutting equipment, we are squeezing just a bit more enjoyment out of our mighty oak:

The old oak tree

365 day 315 - The mighty oak

The old oak tree

And I’m getting used to having so much sky overhead.

9 thoughts on “I can see so much sky now!

  1. wow…that really opened up your yard. I bet you will miss the shade it provided in the summer. I think one of those pretty pink trees will look nice

    1. It looks so bare now, although much of that is due to the leaves being all but gone on all of the remaining trees. It’s getting to be a stark time of year. But yes, something bright and cheerful next year I hope!

  2. I’m unsubscribing. I can’t believe that you would cut down a tree that old. You could have had the dangerous limbs trimmed. Part of your property value lies in old trees. Nice work!

    1. I assure you, the decision to remove the tree did not come lightly. I’ll certainly miss it, but it was a potential danger to people and property. The rotted wood extended into the trunk. Simply trimming limbs was not an option.

    2. Really? You are going to unsubscribe from this great blog because their family made the decision to take down a dangerous tree in their yard? You are joking, right?

  3. I think this was a really good call. Think of how lovely a dogwood or a cherry tree or a Japanese maple would look there. And no more crushed cars!

    1. Thanks, Sarah 🙂 And re: crushed cars, wait until you see my next post. Things got ironic here this weekend…

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