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Damage Magnet

Remember the infamous Huge Tree Uproots Itself and Deposits Branch Through Van’s Back Door event from 2008?

Or how about 2009’s laugh-a-minute escapade, Distracted Driver Plows into Van’s Recently-Replaced Back Door?

Well, allow me to present, brand new for 2010, If I’d Only Parked a Few Inches to the Left, I’d Still Have a Passenger Side Window.



Ah, yes, the tradition continues.  I’ve never known a vehicle to sustain so much damage so often merely by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.



This was the scene shortly after a craaack/THUD woke me at 4:57am.  That’s a sound combination that we’ve come to easily recognize around here as the shedding of tree limbs, and is almost always followed by someone uttering the words, “I hope that didn’t hit the van.”

These van damage posts are starting to become such a predictable series that perhaps I should consider making a sidebar button for them.  Geez!


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Posted on 27 Comments

27 thoughts on “Damage Magnet

  1. Goodness Lisa! As before, I am glad no one got hurt. But this is starting to become somewhat comical… in a dark, twisty kind of way. I’m sure your insurance folks love you. 🙂

    1. I know what you mean! It was only the window glass this time, luckily – didn’t even bother with insurance, since the repair was less than our deductible.

  2. Dang Lisa. Well it’s been 3x now so hopefully the van will no longer have accidents.

    1. Yeah, I’m hoping this is the last leg of bad luck coming in threes…

  3. I think your van might be cursed!

    1. That thought has crossed my mind…!

  4. I feel compelled to ask “have you ever considered using the garage”? 😉

    1. Half of the garage is full of stuff, and the other half has a certain publishing company‘s inventory in it. I would looooooove to have the van tucked safely into the garage (have whined about it plenty of times) but it’s not currently realistic.

      Besides, I think it might be in the genes to have a garage that doesn’t contain a single vehicle.

  5. OMG I’m glad no one was hurt! That van does seem to have bad karma.

    1. That’s one way of putting it. I really wonder what evil purposes the previous owners used it for…

  6. No Way! That’s insane Lisa! I read those posts of the past van damages but reading that it has happened again is unreal. Your insurance company must love you! Once again, it is good to hear that no one was hurt. Maybe you should get a tank or something. At least something that can’t get beat up so badly by the local trees! LOL

    1. I will be sure to put some kind of armored vehicle on my wish list when it comes time to replace the van 🙂

  7. Your insurance company should offer to take down your trees!

    1. Haha, it might be cheaper for them in the long run!

  8. only you Lisa only you. That van is a “S” magnet it seems…or maybe a tree magnet. Glad it was at o dark thirty and no one was in the van

    1. Me too, thanks! It’s crazy. It’s even comical, if you ignore the inconvenience and the cost 😀

  9. RT @lclarke522: New blog post: Damage Magnet

  10. ok Lisa, it may be time to sew your van a cushy protective quilt cover!

    poor van…well, maybe the van just likes a soft breeze blowing through it…and it’s windows down. 🙂

    glad you weren’t hurt!!


    1. You know, if that’s the case, then I really can’t fault it – I like driving with the windows down and a soft breeze blowing, too!

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