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Gutsy gusts and such

Wind storm

There’s a wind storm here tonight.  Look what happened to my poor, beautiful van.  A really big tree came down and knocked into another tree, which dropped a big branch onto the van.  The original fallen tree is stretched across our driveway and half of our front yard, blocking us in.

Wind storm

I’m thankful that it wasn’t a whole lot worse and that nobody was hurt, but man!  Look at my poor van Crying.   Our 2003 Pontiac that we bought used with nary a scratch, and have kept blemish-free for a year and a half.  *sigh*  Actually, let’s not look at my poor van.  Let’s go to a happier place.

Stripey blend

Let’s go to clayville.  I tried another stripey blend before the wild weather reared its ugly head.  This is how I set it up.

Stripey blend

And this is the result.  I like this one a lot better than the last, partially because the colors are more appealing to me, and partially because I managed to get the stripes closer together like I’d hoped.

Stripey blend

So here’s what I made with it so far.  The tile pendant is in my usual style.  The rectangle is in a silver bezel that Libby Mills sent me back in July.  I’ve finally found the right use for it, Libby – thank you!  And the earrings are a more refined version of the ones I made last time.  I bought some silver wire and a few tools last week, so I used them to make these earrings.

I’m really happy with the way these things turned out, and I think I’m ready to declare this stripey blend a success.  Yay!

Stay tuned tomorrow, when I will have pictures of the behemoth tree taking over my front yard.  It’s too dark to see it properly tonight, but I imagine it will be impressive.   For now, I’m going to go watch a little tv and pretend that there isn’t a gaping hole and ugly dent in my beautiful blue van.


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Posted on 14 Comments

14 thoughts on “Gutsy gusts and such

  1. {{{{{ hugs}}}}}} I am so glad no one was in the car coming down the driveway when the tree came down. The car can be fixed.

    I love your new blend. it is great. Mine came out a bit different, but then again I used circles and triangles overlapping and all that. did I take a picture? nooooo. will I the next time…..yessss!

    See what Kathi has been blogging about: I am SOOOOOOO in trouble now!!!

    1. Yeah, me too. Living among all of these trees, I get rather nervous about wind and try not to be out when it’s gusting. Last night in particular, there were wind advisories aplenty, so I wasn’t going anywhere. Thank goodness for that, eh?

      Isn’t it fun playing with different shapes in the blends? I’d done some of that a few years ago, but never really took it very far. I’m having fun with these stripes now, though.

  2. WOW Lisa, this turned out great! i’m waiting to see if you do more experimenting!

    1. Thanks! I plan on playing some more soon!

  3. Yikes! I’m sorry about your van, but you’re right, it could have been a whole lot worse!

    And, I’m completely in love with your new stripey creations. I love that style of earring and the pendants are amazing! I can’t wait to see what you do next!

    See what Karyn has been blogging about: More pendants

    1. Thanks, and thanks! I am definitely going to make more earrings like these. And I love the way the silver looks with the clay – I have to get myself some more bezels or learn how to make them.

      1. psssst bezels are pretty easy to make, but I bet there is less wear and tear on the learning curve to just buy them 😉

  4. I really dislike wind storms. I really don’t like listening to them and imagining all the possibilities. Your poor van – I know what you mean about trying so hard to keep it ding free and then, in one fell swoop – whamo! Thank goodness everyone is safe and there were no injuries.

    I love your stripey blend and the jewelry you made from it. This one is definitely a keeper!

    1. Yeah, I have a tendency to develop attachments to my vehicles, so seeing that damage was like a punch in the gut. I’m much better today, though 🙂 And very glad that it was something replaceable that took the hit.

      Thanks for the complement – I really am liking the stripes, too.

  5. Lisa I’m so sorry about your van – the wind sounded horrible all night and the boys were petrified when the power went out (the first 2 times) – they were in the bath tub. Luckily we have a flashlight in the cabinet…

    Let me know if you need a ride anywhere!

    The stripe is fantastic – i have to try that one. I love the rectangle pendant – very cool.

    1. Thanks for the offer – that’s sweet of you! Neil and the neighbors managed to clear the driveway today, so as long as I take the car, I can get out. Neil and I will have to figure out a car custody arrangement for the time being, I guess. I think our insurance provides for a rental, so we should be able to swing it.

      I love the stripes, too. And the rectangle – I love silver and clay together, and I’ve always wanted to be able to frame it that way.

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