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I’m not always on the ball teacher-gift-wise, but this year, I managed to get it done with a little help from the kids.  Erin’s coffee cup cozy tutorial is something I’ve been eyeing since she posted it last year, and I finally decided to try it, when I realized that it’s a perfect project for […]

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Morning Coffee with Erin Harris

Welcome to the second installment of my Morning Coffee series of interviews! Fill up your cup and join us. Today we’ll be chatting with Erin Harris of House on Hill Road. What Draws me to House on Hill Road I don’t remember where I first came across House on Hill Road, but I know I’ve […]

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My Skinner Blend Quilt

The Skinner Blend, for those of you not familiar with polymer clay techniques, is a popular method for color-mixing, that results in a sheet of clay that has a perfectly smooth gradation from one color to another.  I use Skinner Blends extensively in my cane-making, although by the time I’m done manipulating them, what you […]

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Buttons can keep your coffee cozy

The first time I saw Erin Harris‘ coffee cup cozy tutorial, I thought it would look nice with one of my buttons, so I find it kind of funny that given a 1.25-inch focal button, Erin had the same idea, and made a larger version of her cozy for the Big Button Challenge! Made to […]

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Priorities firmly in order

I sat down this morning, before doing anything else, and made myself a list of things that I needed or wanted to work on today.  You will notice, by what I tackled first, that my priorities are firmly in order.  Clearly I always choose to focus on what is most important. Now, now, don’t look […]

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Obsessed with a hat

Completely and totally obsessed.  Which, when I think about it, is really crazy, given the fact that I rarely wear them.  But Erin posted this tutorial, see, and I loved the way hers looked.  And every other one I saw, for that matter.  And I got to thinking, me being needle-challenged and all, maybe I […]

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