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Weekend Sewing

New headbands

I think the book is aptly-named.  It’s the weekend, and I have been sewing.

I had Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross on my wish list, and I really was going to avoid buying it and just wait for my birthday.  But this week I started seeing projects pop up here and there, and well, it was just too hard to resist when I found myself standing in the craft aisle of Barnes & Noble last night with a pile of unused gift cards in my backpack…  (nevermind that most of those gift cards were Neil‘s he’d never miss them.  Heh.).

I want to make this.

What I really wanted to make was this shirt, and this afternoon I ended up at a few thrift shops, looking for sheets I could use for that purpose.  Making shirts is nerve-wracking for me, so it’s best to get some nice, cheap fabric for my first try at a pattern.  The stakes are a lot lower with a $3 thrifted sheet than they are with the $9/yard nice stuff.

I found and purchased a few sheets, but I didn’t really want to cut into them right away.  I need to get myself mentally prepared for a challenge when it comes to sewing shirts, and I was more in the mood for some instant gratification this afternoon.  So I went with head scarves.

New headband

I’m growing out my bangs, and as such I always seem to have hair in my right eye.  I have never successfully grown out my bangs because of this.  I find the hair-in-my-face thing so annoying, I inevitably cave and cut the bangs before they get too far.  These headband/kerchief thingies seem like a really great solution, and they were the perfect instant gratification project, to boot.

I made two – one in a Joel Dewberry print, and the other in a Kathy Hall print – and I won’t be surprised if I whip out another one or two before I put the sewing machine back away.  They sew up pretty quickly, and use less than a fat quarter of fabric (which is great, because most of my stash is FQ size or smaller).

I’m talking myself into giving the shirt a go tomorrow.  There are several other projects in this book that I’m looking forward to trying, too.  It gets two thumbs up from me.  By the way, did you know Heather Ross is in the midst of a Blog Book Tour?  I’d never heard of such a thing, but it seems like a nifty idea to me.

Posted on 11 Comments

11 thoughts on “Weekend Sewing

  1. Your headbands look great! I’ve got to get a copy of that book!!

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    1. Thanks! It’s a great-looking book – one of those that is fun to just sit and flip through. I’m working on the summer blouse now, but I’m taking a break – it’s a bit challenging.

  2. Love the headband. I can’t sew at all so am envious of all you do.


    1. I’m relatively new at sewing – been doing it for less than 2 years. I find it a bit intimidating to make shirts, but other things that are mostly straight lines, like aprons & elastic-waist skirts are pretty simple.

      If you have an interest in learning, it’s totally worth it to get a good book and a cheap machine and just jump in!

  3. Looks great on you Lisa!

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    1. Thanks! And it really works at keeping my mane tamed 🙂

  4. So cute, I had to go get me that book! And I made a headband last night! So fun, going to make some for my girlfriends at work this weekend. I can’t wait to try some of the other patterns. There are just too many cute and fun things to make and not enough time!! Love your blog!

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    1. Thank you! And yes, I’m having fun flipping through that book. I’m not sure what to try next – either a modification of the Summer Blouse, or maybe one of the dresses, if I’m feeling ambitious!

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  6. Very cute! I just got this book, too! I love, love her stuff. I just made the “Huck Finn” pants for my son. You can check them out on my blog
    The Kimono Dress and Obi Sash on page 100 are calling my name!
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