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The girliest thing I’ve ever made

Pillowcase dress

In terms of children to make things for, I’m surrounded by boys.  Sons, nephews.  But every once in a while, despite my general disdain for anything too pink or frilly, I get the urge to make something feminine.  Enter crafthope.

The brainchild of Jade Sims, Craft Hope

is a faith-based, love inspired project designed to share handmade crafts with those less fortunate.  It is our hope to combine our love for crafting and desire to help others into a project to make a difference around the world.

The first project involved making pillowcase dresses and bandana pants for children currently living in shelters in Brazil and Mexico.  I’ve made enough bandana pants to make my head spin, but pillowcase dresses are new to me, and I’ve always wanted to make one – I just lacked a recipient.

I used the tutorial provided by Susan at Freshly Picked, and turned a thrifted pillowcase into a shirt/dress for a 9 year old girl.   I hope she likes it!

Pillowcase dress

It was very easy to put together, and once I got started, my “inner girl” got loose and started rummaging through my sewing box for things like rick-rack and iron-on flowers.

Pillowcase dress

I think it’s just adorable!  I’m not sure what the next Craft Hope project is, but if pillowcase tops are involved, you can safely count me in.  I was thinking, actually, that if I lose a bit of weight (which is part of the plan, anyway) I could fit into one of these as a cool, airy, lightweight Summer shirt.

Minus the pink, the rick-rack and the flowers, of course.  Give me something in a nice olive green.  Or black.  LOL!

I encourage you to go check out Craft Hope.  It’s a nice, easy way to get creative and make a small difference at the same time.


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Posted on 13 Comments

13 thoughts on “The girliest thing I’ve ever made

  1. oh my gosh that’s cute!!

    I have 2 shirts to make for bigger girls. Yours is adorable.

    1. Thanks! And I’m really glad to know I’m not the last to finish this project 😀

  2. New blog post: The girliest thing I’ve ever made

  3. This is adorable! Like you, I’m surrounded by boys. Thank goodness over the years for nieces and great nieces. Now I make things for the daughter of a coworker.

    And, like you, I’m not so girly, but I could definitely see a top like this in more earthy, neutral colors for me.

    Thanks for the link to the tute!

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  4. a cute little something for summer.. very nice

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  5. that is so cute…i think I had pillowcases like that as a child, it looks vaguely familiar. I like the idea of Craft Hope, I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing the info about Crafthope; I’ve been looking for a source for giving like this for a while now. You are so incredibly talented; thank you for sharing your creations,also!

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  8. Oh it looks so cute! I love that pillowcase. I am always trying to find that pattern, because it reminds me of when I was young. I love it!
    .-= See Susan Petersen’s latest blog post: Leather Chain Necklace =-.

    1. Thank you! You know, I saw a set of those sheets on ebay recently – new in the package, even! They were all over the place in the 70’s. I bet you could find a set on ebay 🙂

  9. Ohh, i am so checking it out. I haven’t even thought about ebay. Loving your blog, super inspiring.

    1. So sweet of you! And I just realized that you’re the one who wrote the tutorial I used – thank you for that! I used it one other time, too – I just love it, and if there were more little girls in my life, I’d probably be making them by the dozen, LOL!

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