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Birds, Flowers, and Mud. So much mud.

I’ve been wanting to share images from the Migration Walk that my sister and I did several weeks ago, but you know how it is: you think of writing blog posts while you’re driving somewhere, or in the middle of your shower, but it never occurs to you while you’re sitting in front of your computer and able to do something about it.

Well, here I am now, sipping my second cup of coffee, listening to Befriended and my current favorite Innocence Mission song (it changes, frequently) and I’m ready to share these images with you, however belated they may be.

This was an event sponsored by the Great Swamp Watershed Association, and it took place in a wooded area that was recently preserved as open space. It was early May when we took this walk, and it was raining. It had been raining the whole week prior, in fact, so the entire area was essentially a mud pit.

It was a lovely mud pit, though 😜

(Click on any image in the gallery below to enlarge it)

You know that I love to do my part on this blog to refute the stereotype that New Jersey is a toxic dump. There’s so much more to this state than what you might see flying into Newark Airport. We’ve got beaches, the ocean, mountains, forest, wetlands, and beautiful open spaces. Just look at my beautiful jersey tag to see what I mean.

As green as everything was in these photos, that was exactly a month ago, and spring has completely exploded here since then. If I were to go back there today, I’m sure I’d see twice as much greenery as this!

If you’re local and would like to explore this area and others like it, check out the Great Swamp Watershed Association. There are many trails within the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge (we’ve spent plenty of time there ourselves), or you can sign up for one of the GSWA events like this migration walk was.

This post is not sponsored in any way by the Great Swamp. I just like to share the Jersey love ♥


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Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “Birds, Flowers, and Mud. So much mud.

  1. Loved the close up shots and oh that huge tree!!! and a snake?? eek

    1. You wouldn’t believe how far I had to back up to get that entire tree in the picture! Oh, and yeah, the snake… I was just glad I had a zoom lens and could get close without actually getting close 🙂

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