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The tale of the imperfect glove

I am not a perfectionist about most things, knitting included.  I tend to think that any errors in the fabric are far more visible to me than they would be to the casual observer, and as such, I often let little imperfections slide.  These Trenza Mitts, though, crossed the line from “little imperfections” into “glaring mistakes” […]

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Custom-made crochet hooks, anyone?

Yesterday was the day I’d been waiting for: no appointments, no other work that couldn’t be postponed… So I dove into hook-handle-making. By the afternoon, I had made enough hook handles to determine my best practice for future orders.  By evening, I had sanded and buffed the daylights out of all of the handles I […]

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Shhhh… I dare not say this too loudly, lest I jinx things, but I think I may be on the verge of getting my claythings out again. I may be ready to bring my vision of a “granny square cane” to life.  And then turn it into crochet hook handles. Or covered pens. Or shawl […]

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File under ironic

It’s no secret that my van has seen it’s share of wrong-place-wrong-time accidents: one for every year since 2008, in fact. I guess we were due for a little 2011 mishap, but when the tree (our vehicles’ most imminent threat) came down on Thursday, I allowed myself to feel a twinge of optimism that we’d avoided such a […]

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I’ve been whittling away at that book pile. This week has felt like a jumble of books and boxes.  I’m not used to all of this business at one time!  But there’s good news.  The book pile is… …nearly gone!  I just have to weigh this last batch, print the postage, and plop them down on the […]

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