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All work and no play


Oh, thank you ladies, for all of the hook love this past weekend! I am loving your feedback, thoughts, and constructive criticisms, and you can bet I am taking all of it into account while I plan my next move.

Which is?

Well, cleaning the kitchen and catching up on business email have to come first, but after that, I am all over the hook thing!  I’ve decided they’ll be made-to-order, which will give you the chance to tell me what size, what brand, and what clay design you’d like.  Stay tuned for those details this week.  I’ve still got some prep work to do before it’s all ready for prime time.

Oh, how I wish I could sit down and work on this stuff righthisveryminute!  But let me tell you, friends, my kitchen spent the weekend in one heck of a state (while those of us who live here spent the weekend in Cherry Hill, away from the growing intelligence in the sink).  I’ve spent about an hour in there today, giving it a good and proper cleaning, but it’s not quite done yet.

No claying until there is room in the kitchen for baking! I’ve got an apple pie, pumpkin bread, and cranberry bread on my mind for this week…

And no claying until my Polka Dot Creations inbox is empty!

I’m such a slave driver.  Today, anyway.  Other days, not so much (which, I suppose, is how I got backlogged here in the first place…).

Be back soon to share the lowdown on those hooks.  Please feel free to continue posting your thoughts about what makes a perfect clay-covered crochet hook, while I’m gone!


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