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A handle for a hook

It seems my granny square cane idea didn’t pan out.  It’s not that it’s a bad idea, it’s just that it needs some work.  I only had about an hour to spend on experimentation this week, and while I didn’t end up with a useful design in the end, I did generate a few more ideas for my next opportunity to experiment.  Whenever that will be.  Soon, I hope.

This morning, I was still quite eager to see how the whole clay-handle-on-a-crochet-hook idea would work for me, so I decided not to wait for the granny square cane to come to fruition.  Instead I tried it with another design from my stash. (It’s a plaid cane, like the one in the shawl pin lesson.)




So, what do you think?

There’s a lot about it that I like.  In particular: the hook size (G) that is embedded in the top, and the super smooth sanded and buffed handle.  I haven’t spent much time actually using the hook, but the few chains I did make felt good.  I know the color of your hook handle really shouldn’t make much of a difference in your crochet experience, but it kinda does!  It makes it somehow more artsy and fun.  Or something like that.

I wonder, would you go for these hooks, if I made them in a variety of colors and sizes?  Would it be worth re-opening the shop for a week or two, and stocking it with a selection of them for gift-giving purposes? Or even for totally selfish keep-it-yourself purposes? Really, I’m not one to judge…

Thoughts? 🙂

Posted on 15 Comments

15 thoughts on “A handle for a hook

  1. I will buy–oh, will I buy… is there a local yarn shop that would stock them? Our LYS has some devastatingly cool handmade hooks in various materials and colors and patterns…

    1. Cool 🙂 I hope to spend a nice few days in production next week… I think the LYS is a definite possibility. They’ve carried my buttons and shawl pins before.

  2. Honestly Lisa, I was just waiting for the day you’d do this. 🙂 I have one other polymer clay handled hook that I love. I think the important features are: (1) create a handle that goes past the thumb grip so there’s only about 1 1/2″ between hook and handle (because I want to get the benefit of the thicker hold), (2) since the size gets covered up by the clay, make sure to label the hook in some permanent way–painted on, etc, (3) offer a variety of hook types. My one caveat is that I simply love clover hooks (they already come with a big handle)–no other hook does it for me. They used to make hooks that didnt’ have the soft touch handles and probably still do, in which case they could be embedded– Those I would buy! But I know others who only love Bates, only love Boye, etc. So variety is key.

  3. Ok, I just looked at your pics closer and I see you stamped a label in, and you’re right on with the handle. I was so excited I didn’t see the big details. 🙂

  4. I don’t crochet, but if you were to decide you could make those family ornaments again this year, I would buy one for sure… 🙂

  5. I think this would be a great CHRISTmas gift…for me!!! 😉

  6. They’re really pretty, but…I don’t use crochet hooks unless they have a flat thumb rest — otherwise they roll around in my hand.

  7. Love, love it. I’ll be ordering. Will you post to the UK? But I’m with Tina and like a little flat section for my thumb. Oo exciting. Good luck.

  8. oh I love the hook! The colours look pretty and it looks like it should comfy.

  9. I’m with the two on the flat thumb rest.

    Love them, it looks very professional!

  10. I have a friend who would love these as a gift please email me if you do decide to sell some. They look so pretty I may have to keep one for myself too.shhh

    1. I’ve got them listed now 🙂

  11. […] thank you ladies, for all of the hook love this past weekend! I am loving your feedback, thoughts, and constructive criticisms, and you can […]

  12. I LOVE this! Since my unfortunate encounter with the bees last year, I haven’t done much (any?) crocheting as my hand is still uncomfortable holding narrow things like crochet hooks and pencils. What’s the finished thickness of the hook? I’m sooooo intrigued!

    1. The thickness of the hook handle really depends on the thickness of the original hook. Roughly speaking, though, the handle adds about 1/4-inch to the hook. More, in the depressed thumb-grip area.

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