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Not so intimidating anymore

From the moment I saw the lounge pants in Amy Butler’s In Stitches, I was smitten.  This was two years ago, and I had barely a month of sewing under my belt.  Every delicious project in that book looked impossibly complicated to me, so after a month of drooling over the pants, the apron, and […]

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Seasons change

Yes, they do.  Spring changes to summer, and strawberry season changes to blueberry season.  While Friday night we were enjoying a delicious Strawberry Lemonade Smoothie, with what may prove to be the last batch of farmers’ market strawberries we see this year, Sunday afternoon saw us ushering in the blueberry. With rides – those of […]

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Hands and nightstands

Becky from Whosies commented on a recent post and let me know about her Nightstand Play Along.  I snapped a picture of mine this morning.  To be honest, the nightstand is probably the neatest spot in my bedroom (notice how I rarely photograph any other section of the room?  Life as seen through the lens […]

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Herb Croutons

  I brought a tossed salad to a Father’s Day BBQ today.  I gathered most of the ingredients from the Morristown Farmers’ Market this morning, and had intended to make my own salad dressing and croutons, too.  I vaguely remember having done both before, but not being pleased enough with the results to repeat the […]

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I’m blogging this

Today was the last day of school (finally!) and tonight we’re celebrating with a slumber party. Just the four of us, enjoying a bowl of snacks, re-watching the last few episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender, and sleeping on Mommy-made quilts. To be completely accurate, I’m not really watching Avatar.  Don’t get me wrong, I […]

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Chicken dance

Last time Eamonn and I went to Hillview Farms, we saw some chickens off in the distance who, once they noticed us, came running down the hill.  The closer the chickens got, the more interested Eamonn got in watching them from the safety of the car.  No, he was not adventurous where enthusiastic clucking and […]

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We’re getting our house painted.  Yay!  Poor thing really needs it.  And now we have a choice to make.  We conducted an informal four-person survey amongst ourselves and the results were inconclusive. I had asked the painter to come over with five samples.  He only brought four, and one of them wasn’t even on my […]

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