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Seasons change


Yes, they do.  Spring changes to summer, and strawberry season changes to blueberry season.  While Friday night we were enjoying a delicious Strawberry Lemonade Smoothie, with what may prove to be the last batch of farmers’ market strawberries we see this year, Sunday afternoon saw us ushering in the blueberry.

Wagon ride

With rides – those of the wagon variety

Riding a pony

and those of the pony variety.

Bean bag tossing Making friends with little people

With beanbag throwing, and the making of new little friends.

Cajun band Farm store

With music.  And shopping.

Well, we all know what happens when you go shopping at a blueberry festival, don’t we?  Oh, yes, you come home with a tasty snack.

Blueberry jam

And the raw materials for a small batch of the purpliest jam a bread machine ever churned up.

Tonight there will be blueberry pancakes, and perhaps tomorrow, blueberry muffins?  I have my eye on the blueberry raspberry pound cake from A Homemade Life, too (anyone know where to buy cake flour?).  Plus, it’s been suggested that maybe our smoothie recipe might be tweaked to involve blueberries instead of strawberries, so that, too, is on the list.

I think I may need more blueberries.


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Posted on 17 Comments

17 thoughts on “Seasons change

  1. If my ShopRite in Franklin carries cake flour, you should be able to find it in any ShopRite. I think the brand is Softasilk, and it’s in a pink box. Not sure if you can find a whole wheat version, tho. But perhaps the antioxidant properties of the blueberries are good enough?

    1. I’ve actually been to that Shop Rite on my way home from friends’ house in Hamburg, and I got the impression that it was smaller than my Shop Rite. And yet – no cake flour at mine. I’m not too concerned about the whole wheat thing – I don’t want to be so much of a stickler that I miss out on nice treats 🙂

      1. It is a small store. Way smaller than the ones in Morris or Bergen Counties. And I was wrong about the brand – ShopRite had Swans Down and Presto cake flours. Maybe I saw the other brand at Weis? Who knows? I read down & am glad you did end up finding some, tho. Hope the cake is yummy! =)

  2. NO need to buy special cake flour! I just needed some and found that you can combine corn starch and all-purpose flour to create cake flour. 1 3/4 cup AP flour + 1/4 cup cornstarch = 2 cups cake flour.

    the best way to measure: add 2 Tbl cornstarch to 1 cup measuring cup, then fill with AP flour.

    Good luck!!
    .-= See MelissaS’s latest blog post: Creating While the Creating Is Good =-.

    1. I found that tip online, too! I will definitely do that if I can’t find the cake flour. I’ve got another supermarket I want to check. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous post, Lisa!!
    .-= See Grace’s latest blog post: Speeding =-.

    1. Thanks! I’ve been working on my photography and processing skills a bit lately 🙂

  4. Hi Lisa, enjoy that cake. Cake flour is available at nearly any grocery. Even Walmart and Meijers both have it. Hugs, Sue C

    1. That’s encouraging, because my supermarket definitely does not. I have a few others I can check next time I’m out!

  5. It’s still strawberry season here. mmm, bluberries, I’m looking forward to that.

    You should be able to find cake flour at the regular grocery store.
    .-= See Tracy’s latest blog post: Six. =-.

    1. I finally did find it, the next town over. Let the pound-cake-making begin 🙂

  6. […] Crazy.  I may try one more place around here, but if that fails, I’ll just go online or make my own.  Preferably before the blueberries go […]

  7. King Arthur Flour online has EVERYTHING a girl could possibly want….of course, you have to pay shipping and wait……but they are a great company. Their factory store is @ an hour from here….
    .-= See KarenLR’s latest blog post: to gaze or to sew, that is the question… =-.

    1. I visited that site a few nights ago. There’s a lot of great stuff there, and if I wasn’t trying to get this cake made before the blueberries turned to mush, I’d have ordered it there – I much prefer their ingredient list to the one on the Pillsbury box. I’ll have to put off being picky until next time!

  8. hi there! this is a great post- it is so wonderful to really embrace all these little changes that the passing of time brings us. now, can i convince you to maybe post the recipe for the strawberry lemonade smoothie? it sounds so so good!
    .-= See kaetlyn’s latest blog post: day at hurd orchards part I =-.

    1. Absolutely! I posted it two year ago right here. By the way, I discovered last week that it’s also quite good made with frozen blueberries and limeade!

  9. […] Cajun band Image by lisaclarke At the Blueberry Festival, Terhune Orchards, Princeton Blogged here. […]

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