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Weekend Sewing

I think the book is aptly-named.  It’s the weekend, and I have been sewing. I had Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross on my wish list, and I really was going to avoid buying it and just wait for my birthday.  But this week I started seeing projects pop up here and there, and well, it […]

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Delusions of Springtime (and a winner!)

I should have known this would happen.  It’s practically a given.  If I’m going to spend a week being under the weather and stuck in the house, then as soon as I feel well, I am going to take myself to the nearest shopping center and do a little damage to my wallet.  The more […]

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Don’t judge a book by its cover

Having a warehouse (er, basement) full of books for Polka Dot Creations puts me in a position to observe the relationship between a nice looking cover and the content inside the book.  I’ve seen a fair amount of awful covers in my time, and while sometimes the book itself is truly awful, often the content […]

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Friends, fans and flus.

So I’m pretty sure what we’ve all been socked with is the flu.  Crossing my fingers all will be normal by Monday… We had a 65-degree day today, which is always welcome when the winter has been as bitterly cold as this winter has, but it’s even more exciting when you’ve spent the previous several […]

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Dipping into the gift card stash

It was Tuesday night.  Aidan had been coughing and feverish for a day or so, and Eamonn was nestling in to me on the couch in a way that could only say “I’m coming down with it, too.”  Truth be told, I was feeling somewhat sluggish myself, and so I did what any sane person […]

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