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Everywhere but here

That’s where I’ve been lately.  There have been birthday parties to prepare for, birthday parties to host, and a different birthday party to attend.  And in my downtime, what little of it there has been, I have been putting the final nail in my laptop‘s coffin.  This is a problem, because I’m still not entirely ready to switch to the new (used) one.

I’ve been loading up new drivers, ferrying files from the old laptop to this replacement laptop via our network drive, and getting all of my most important tools installed on this machine.  As of Saturday night, the old computer won’t even boot up in Safe Mode anymore, so it seems I am out of luck on the few files I neglected to copy to the network last week (recipe database, anyone? Grrr.)

Probably the biggest remaining issue is that my new laptop won’t speak to my old printer without a new piece of hardware.  Um, I have postage to print tomorrow.  This wouldn’t be a problem if I could use my old computer for postage this week, but no such luck.  I was really hoping it would hold on that long.

And on a much less important but no less frustrating note, I just can’t get used to this new keyboard!  I keep hitting Fn instead of Ctrl, and Home instead of Backspace.  Argh.

New vest

In the spirit of not looking a gift horse in the mouth, I’ll shut up about it now and just show you my finished vest.  This is the one that I made up myself after my practice vest-making run a few weeks ago.  I love the wool, I love the ribbing, I love everything about it, except for one kind of important thing – it will only fit someone who has the dimensions of a twig.  That is not me by a long a shot.

If I am in the mood to work on this some more – and I have not yet decided that I am – I think I can fix it significantly by adding more width to each of the front panels.  The back is actually a decent fit.

I’m not really in a knitting mood right now, though, which is good because I have a keyboard to get used to, files to attempt to transfer, and a printer work-around to find!  And I have to stop complaining because I know within a week all of this will have somehow gotten worked out, as it always does 🙂


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Posted on 5 Comments

5 thoughts on “Everywhere but here

  1. If you decide not to modify the vest, I’d sure love to buy it, if I could. I’m a twig with taste that says that vest is sensational!

    1. Shelley, it has no button on the front yet, but if you’re serious about buying it, I’d be happy to sell it to you at a reasonable price… Drop me a line:

  2. LISA! I bet your proud of this!!!
    It’s great!
    Beautifully co-ordinated!
    You’ve come a long way since your ‘poodle’ vest in no time at all.

    See what mary tempesta has been blogging about: Felicità

  3. lisa, i love the vest. the color is great. now i want one too.

    See what gerri has been blogging about: i can haz cheezburger

  4. […] it served me reasonably well until it didn’t.  At that point last February, Neil helped me cobble together a busted hand-me-down laptop and some spare parts on eBay so that I wouldn’t be left […]

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