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Focus, Lisa, focus!

Hey, friends, I’ve decided to take a little blog break.  Not a big one… you know I couldn’t stay away for very long!  I just have a list of things I’d like to accomplish in the near future, and I am finding myself entirely too distracted by bloglike things.  I need to make myself focus. […]

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Peasant skirts and t shirts

I stayed up entirely too late last night watching two episodes of What Not to Wear.  And more than once during the first, I caught Neil giving me the “you wear that outfit every day” look.  Well, ok, maybe so.  Maybe I don’t see anything wrong with peasant skirts, flip-flops and t-shirts together.  At least […]

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A pad for all seasons

I’ve been having such a hard time getting into the idea of keeping my house clean.  Not that it’s ever easy for me to get there, but it’s been even harder lately.  I’m thinking it may be the fault of the weather, and the fact that our heat is out of commission and the house […]

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Autumnal wanderlust

Been thinking about Vermont.  Or maybe Massachussetts.  Pennsylvania?  Upstate New York?  I’ve been reading everyone’s posts about fall, and now I want nothing more than to pack up my family and drag them leaf-peeping somewhere slightly cooler, and a bit more colorful than here.  Oh, New Jersey will have its turn for vibrant leaves and […]

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Good Morning, Fall!

Here in New Jersey, it’s not easy to tell that fall has arrived simply by looking around. Much of the scenery is still bathed in the verdant greenery of summer. When we walk to the bus stop in the morning, there are not yet piles of dead leaves for us to trample with a satisfying […]

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look at this.  it’s made with frozen coffee cubes, and mint chocolate non-dairy creamer – an idea i based off of this one.  sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?  don’t let its innocent appearance fool you.  as it turns out, this drink is pure evil in a cup.  or maybe it’s the cup itself that’s evil?  […]

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In reverse

You probably know that my “thing,” for the last year or so, has been to create custom color schemes in polymer clay to coordinate with existing designer fabrics.  But long before I started matching fabric, I was devising my own color schemes.  I still use both types of color families in my current polymer clay […]

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Welcoming Autumn

Fall officially arrives at 11:48 Monday morning.  I was resisting the end of summer, but now that I’ve had a few weeks to get used to the idea, I’m really looking forward to the next season.  It has always been my favorite, after all. Autumn is honeycrisp apples, pumpkin bread, and grabbing a sweater on […]

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Geek talk: Why I Heart Mozilla

I solved a problem I’ve been having, and I wanted to share.  If you’re only here for the sewing, the polymer clay, or the occasional glimpse of boring office guy, you’ll have to come back tomorrow. Today we’re talking Geek Talk 😉 The problem I use Gmail and Calendar through Google Apps for my […]

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