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Pleasant Monday

After the stifling humidity of yesterday and last night, it was a sweet surprise to be greeted by a breezy, pleasant, 70-degree morning.  Monday is vacuum day around here.  And dusting day.  And all other manner of once-a-week cleaning day, and I promise I will make a decent effort in that direction before too long.  […]

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What I would be making right now…

…if I had the materials I needed on-hand, is a fabulous lunch ensemble idea that I came up with. It would start with a lunch bag, something like this, these, or this (no need to click these red-underlined links, by the way – just hover over them to see the images).  I’d make two of […]

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Kitchen greenification

I’m doing pretty well so far with my new routines & task list.  One benefit of that?  I’m actually cleaning up the supper mess before leaving the kitchen in the evening.  And my counters are actually getting cleared off on a regular basis.  Did you think I always had a nice clean kitchen?  Oh, no, […]

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School daze

You may recall my comment sometime during the summer, that when the time came for me to put my baby on the bus to Kindergarten, I would either be clinging to his ankles, begging him not to leave me, or skipping down the driveway, celebrating my freedom.  I’m happy to report that I did not […]

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Firsts, lasts, milestones

Today I went to the farm.  I was looking for zinnias and honeycrisp apples like last year, but there were no apples to be had.  It was disappointing, but I did manage to come home with something else nifty:  my first ever batch of farm-fresh multi-colored eggs! Yeah, I know.  Where have I been not […]

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Family Tree Magnets

Ever since my sons were tiny, I’ve had an interest in photo crafts, and have found many objects to decorate with their photogenic little faces. A few years ago I had the urge to branch out a bit and include other family members. The result is this set of Family Tree Magnets. I chose to […]

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