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Focus, Lisa, focus!

Hey, friends, I’ve decided to take a little blog break.  Not a big one… you know I couldn’t stay away for very long!  I just have a list of things I’d like to accomplish in the near future, and I am finding myself entirely too distracted by bloglike things.  I need to make myself focus.

I’m thinking, that while I’m doing other things, I might invite a guest blogger to keep you company.  I’ll have to see if he’s interested…

I’ll be back soon!  I am looking forward to showing you the easy necklace I made yesterday to match my new shoes 🙂



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Posted on 5 Comments

5 thoughts on “Focus, Lisa, focus!

  1. I totally understand getting caught up in too many things. Unfortunately I am soooo guilty!! Enjoy your time off. Kashoan

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  2. Hi Lisa,

    “You deserve a break today. So, get up and get away … ”

    Remember the old McDonald’s jingle? Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    BTW, the PDC tote you sent me just got back from a weekend in the Smoky Mountains! Her colors fit right in with the flora in those parts.

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  3. is blogging: Focus, Lisa, focus!

  4. oh, i will definitly miss my once a day interuptions (of daily life)by reading blogs. i totally get the mixed, jumbled, and unfocused mind. i think it is a change of season thing. i have a lot…but don’t know where to start!!!

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  5. You mean… nothing to keep me sane at work? 😉
    Take a break… You totally deserve it!

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