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Good Morning, Fall!

One Object 365 Days: 266/365 09/22/08

Here in New Jersey, it’s not easy to tell that fall has arrived simply by looking around. Much of the scenery is still bathed in the verdant greenery of summer. When we walk to the bus stop in the morning, there are not yet piles of dead leaves for us to trample with a satisfying crunch. For now, autumn exists in the chill of the morning air, and in that easily-recognized, yet hard-to-describe scent that greets us when we step outside.

Welcoming fall

Better photographers than I, know how to capture that crisp feel and that Fall smell. I am not there yet myself, and so for now, my images of fall are centered around my home, and in clearly visible harbingers of my own creation.

Welcoming fall

For me, early fall is boxing up the lemons and cherries, and putting pumpkins and leaves in their place.

Welcoming fall

It is donning an apron,

Welcoming fall

preparing the annual First Day of Fall Pumpkin Bread,

Welcoming fall

and putting the small loaves together with newly-sewn cloth napkins and bags of mulling spices, so that each boy may present a Fall Goodie Bag to his teacher.

Welcoming fall

Early autumn is that first sip of mulled apple cider, that first morning that you feel the need to grab a sweater on the way out the door, and that first leaf, ablaze with color, that drifts slowly, slowly, slowly down, to settle lightly on the green grass.

Now that you know how I ring in the new season, visit the other blogs below who are welcoming autumn this morning. And if you are enjoying the first day of fall on your blog today, won’t you add your link, too? In your own post, be sure to link back here (use this URL) so that your readers can enjoy the autumnal goodness on these other participating blogs, too.

Happy Fall everyone! I have a feeling I’m going to get nothing done today, aside from reading all of your posts and sipping hot apple cider…


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Posted on 21 Comments

21 thoughts on “Good Morning, Fall!

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  2. Oh, so jealous! I’m still down here wearing barely enough clothes to be decent because it’s still 88 degrees on a cool day. Hehe 🙂

    But, I did put out my little pumpkins and my Halloween tart warmer! :> Ohh, fall will be here in Florida soon!

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  3. happy fall!!!!

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  4. is blogging: Good Morning, Fall!

  5. I posted here about how I celebrate the beginning of fall.

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  6. Well, considering we just went through a major hurricane down here in Texas, not to mention it’s in the 80’s (ugh), it’s a bit hard to get into “Good Morning, Fall!” But just seeing your pictures, and your piggies sticking out from under what looks to be flannel jammies, I can close my eyes, and almost smell the pumpkin bread, as well as feel a cool breeze when I step outside in the morning. Lisa, I just love your pictures, and for me they come across just the way i think you want them to, good job! By the way, what camera are you using…..I think I need to step up from the digital I won at our Christmas party to a big girl camera!

  7. Thanks for the invite to play along. I of course copied someone elses idea, but them added my own! love to peak at others though too. hee hee

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  9. It was cool enough to wear socks, a shirt with sleeves and a sweater to go out walking. Pretty much the end of our ‘Indian Summer’ I think. A few pretty weeks left I hope though!

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  10. Ahh, sweet autumn! Happy to be a part of your blog today, even though it is rather late in the day. Have a happy fall!

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  11. This was fun! Thanks!

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  12. This was such a good idea Lisa! Thanks for an inspiring blog! Cant wait to read everyones. Have a Good Night. Kashoan

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  14. Today was a great first Fall day! That you for sharing such fun ideas and inspiring me to write about mine! I feel so fall-ish now!

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  15. what lovely gifts! i think i will bake some muffins in the morning 🙂

    happy fall to you!

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  16. I, er, bought raisins.

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  18. I’d just about kill for some warm pumpkin bread right now after reading your post.

    Happy Fall Y’All!

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  19. I love finding a fun blog! And I think I just did, whew hoo! I am loving all your ideas and will continue looking around now.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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  20. Just wanted to say thanks for kicking off Fall…it’s fun to check everyone’s blogs. I’m in blog-heaven I think! Would love to have your pumpkin bread recipe…if you ever decide to share 🙂

    1. Sure! I actually linked to it in the post, but here it is again 🙂 Enjoy!

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