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Newfangled technical difficulties?

Or old-fashioned lack of interest?

Just curious… not fishing for comments or anything… seriously. Just wondering why the blog has seen so little activity this past week. There were only 15 comments, when these days there are usually 50+ in that period of time.

Benjamin & Aidan

I’m completely ready to believe that I didn’t talk about anything all that interesting last week – I only got crafty once, and it was for a baby item, which I know doesn’t float everyone’s boat. But I figured that since I did just unleash a new blog design, a new site address, and a new version of WordPress I should make sure that you aren’t having some kind of problem getting through.

If any of you are reading this, but are unable to comment, or click through to the article from your reader, please let me know via email (lisa at lisaclarke dot net). I’d appreciate it.

Jill, Nicolas & Eamonn

(These images, by the way, are from the party we went to yesterday where the boys got to meet their only second-cousins on my side: 3-month-old twin boys, who pretty much slept the whole time we were there. I snapped these pictures when we were getting ready to go home.)

Ok. Nuf chit chat from me this morning. I’m going to get all productive today, I’ve decided. I plan to get last week’s shipments out the door (now that I’m feeling less doubled-over in discomfort), change the sheets on my bed, change the towels in the bathroom, do at least one load of laundry, and clean up some rooms that have gotten messy lately. I’d love to add “make something” to that list, but I’m not sure there’s room…

By the way, don’t forget about the Color Challenge vote going on! It ends tonight at Midnight.

Posted on 13 Comments

13 thoughts on “Newfangled technical difficulties?

  1. yeah…you DO need to get last weeks orders out. uh huh 😀

    I can’t imagine birthing one baby, let alone two. oiks!

    See what Kathi has been blogging about: Commission windows update

  2. Let’s see if it works now…

    And the redesign looks very cool, just in case it does!

    See what Elaine has been blogging about: Year of Clay – Little of this, little of that

  3. cute little guys! *sigh* I cannot imagine twins, but I would suppose you just get used to it!!!

    See what Jen has been blogging about: It’s a BOY (shocking!)

  4. I can click through from bloglines. I had trouble early on but now I do not have any trouble.

    Cute boys. Boy I would not want to be her, twins are hard!

    See what zoe has been blogging about: Wonderful Husband

  5. I’m having no trouble clicking through, and I do really like the redesign, though I keep looking for the ‘blog’ button to go to the latest entry. =)

    See what Laura has been blogging about: Vibrant necklace – karmabeads

  6. Well, I usually just lurk here, but just so you know, comments is working. Sorry about the lurking. No excuse except laziness, I guess.

  7. @ Diane:

    I have noooooooooo problem whatsoever with lurking. No need to apologize!

    It seemed like some of the people who usually leave comments had disappeared, and I wanted to make sure it wasn’t because of some technical glitch of my own making 😀

  8. Hi Lisa, I often check out the links on your site, I got great amusement about the North/South line in New Jersey. Since I’m a Mercer County native, I’ve often pondered that myself. Explaining that to Seattlites in my new home is always a bit tricky….

    I agree with other posters that I like having the blog entries in the center column. I think it makes it easier to orient through the narrow columns. LOVE the header and background!

  9. woooo hoo we are centered, er I mean the blog is centered. I am still off center 😀

    See what Kathi has been blogging about: Commission windows update

  10. I really like your new blog. I noticed that you have centered the blog. That makes sense. I didn’t think it would make a difference to me if you centered it or not, but it does. I like it better and I look at both side panels now.

  11. Lisa,

    I just gave you an award, check out my blog to see the details.


    See what zoe has been blogging about: What an Honor

  12. I love the blog redesign!

    I had a hard time finding you again after the name change, but everything seems to be working fine now!

    See what Teresa has been blogging about: Pre-Portioned Chicken Stock

  13. @ Patricia Perrine:

    Yeah, that’s a funny blog, isn’t it? I see they are making a film. Should be interesting to see. I grew up in Bergen County which is so quintessentially North Jersey, but I don’t really fit that stereotype.

    I’m still in N. Jersey, but I’m inching my way south, little by little 😀

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