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The last word on the Color Challenge

I checked the poll several times while it was going, and two contenders were neck in neck the entire time, almost always separated by only one vote. Sometimes one would be ahead, other times the other one would be.

Final Finalists

In the end it was Orly‘s clay-covered plates and bowls (AQUA’s winner) that took the prize with 35% of the vote. Kim‘s PURPLE pill boxes gave them quite a run for their money, though with 29%. Coming in third, with 9% of the vote was Denise‘s MIDNIGHT bangle bracelet.

closer look...

Pill Boxes

Bracelete Lunar

Congratulations to everyone who won, everyone who voted, and everyone who contributed their arts and crafts to the challenge all year. Being exposed to all of your beautiful work for the last twelve months was very inspiring to me, and I hope it was to many of you as well.


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Posted on 7 Comments

7 thoughts on “The last word on the Color Challenge

  1. I had problems logging in for a few days. Nice to hook up again. Is the aqua plates Polish Pottery? I have never seen them before, must be a new pattern. They are a beautiful color.

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  2. Mazel Tov Orly! I love all those dishes! Congratulations Kim and Denise.

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  3. @ Sonja:

    I realized yesterday that there had been a problem for some people connecting, and I fixed it. I hadn’t even known! Glad you’re able to get through now.

    The aqua plates are glass. Orly applied polymer clay canes that she made to the backs of them so that they show through the glass. It looks like a labor-intensive process to me, and she does it so well, don’t you think?

  4. Thank you so much! I just came back home from a vacation today, and this is a lovely surprise!!

  5. It is lovely!!! But it is a lot of work. Not for me, it would drive me crazy to work on. It is pretty though.

    See what Sonja has been blogging about: Vintage Thingies Thursday

  6. Congratulations, Orly! I know I’ve said it before but the bowls are amazing.

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  7. Hi Lisa,

    It was so reawardful to take part of your color challange that I´like to propose you to keep doing it. Could be thematic, what do you think?

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