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Buried in the sand

Since it seems that today is going to be much busier than I originally thought, and I don’t know when I’ll actually be able to sit down and string together more than 15 words, I’ll let Boring Office Guy have the floor, so he can tell you all about his (day trip) vacation:

Posted on 9 Comments

9 thoughts on “Buried in the sand

  1. Heeee! I can’t wait to show Nell. I forgot to tell you about the letters BOG sent Nell–she proudly showed them off to her little girl friend when the friend returned from a long vacation. I saw them giggling over one of the stories. So BOG has two cute blonde fans on our block…

  2. @ Penny:

    BOG is pleased by this news, but does his best to hide it with an eyeball roll and a little side grin he is unable to suppress.

  3. ROFLMAO. I love the head movement!

  4. Oh, Lisa – I think you’ve got a performer on your hands…=) This one’s almost as good as the original!

    See what Laura has been blogging about: Vibrant necklace – karmabeads

  5. Nell is laughing here, and saying “It’s like from his first video except he’s saying different words.” Hm, gonna have to work on developing a subtler vocabulary of artistic assessment….

  6. ok – I seriously laughed OUT LOUD at work on that one 🙂 Oh how I love BOG!

  7. Boring Office Guy would like everyone to know that he disapproves of the abbreviation “BOG.” Thank you for your time.


  8. wow i never thought that i would actuly injoy my own video. i was origanaly saying in the song “im trapped” but my own mother cut that out. mean mean mean mommys. oh please do not call me bog.

    man i am thirsty. ooohh thats hot.

    1. Dear Boring Office Guy,

      I am not a mean, mean, mean Mommy. I just think that your beauty is in your brevity.


      P.S. I still have your extended remix on my hard drive and we can watch that together whenever you want.

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