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Flickr Favorites

What?? No aqua? Was my flirtation with bluish-greeny goodness only a Summer Fling? This week I favorited about half as many photos as usual – guess I was busy with other things. Nature, clay jewelry, and personal style seem to dominate this batch. I love the top corner shot – it’s Anna Maria Horner’s playroom. […]

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Bestsellers for August

Top 5 Sellers* for August, 2007 1 ) Project Book: Creative Canes 2 ) DVD: Claying Around 3 ) Magazine:PolymerCAFE Summer 2007 4 ) Project Book:The CF Sculpture Series Cats Big and Small 5 ) Book:The Art of Polymer Clay Creative Surface Effects Bestsellers for previous months (Bestsellers prior to May, 2007) Want to be […]

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Twinkling Toes, Pretty Posies, and Toothless Grins

Have a handful of scrumptious Farmers’ Market kettle corn and answer a quick question for me, ok? [poll=2] Thanks! And now on to other things… Like toes! A certain little four-year-old boy looked up at me the other day and said, “Mommy? Do you have green nail polish?” I didn’t. “Do you think we could […]

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Jumping the Gun

I couldn’t wait… I got the color challenge for September started. I chose OLIVE as the color, by which I really mean any green that tends more to the yellow than it does to the blue. Think about the leaves in September just before they begin to turn color… From dyed clothing… …to loom-knitted accessories… […]

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Color Challenge Finalists for August

Well, it was a tough job, but I narrowed down 114 photos full of crafty aqua goodness, and chose nine of my favorites. Allow me to introduce you to the finalists, before I reveal the winner: Polymer clay “Pendants” by Kim Cavender Polymer clay-covered glass vessels, “closer look” by Orly Rabinowitz Fabric bag and matching […]

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Me? Addicted?

80%How Addicted to Blogging Are You? He Who Shall Remain Nameless emailed me the link to that quiz.  He claims I lied about how much time I spend reading blogs every day and that 80% is not enough Speaking of  blogging… the  Nameless One  has commented (more than once ) about my ability to prattle […]

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And so it was that I found myself, at 10:30pm, standing in the kitchen, apron tied about my waist, cup of Sleepytime Tea steeping on the counter, Bach playing quietly through the computer speakers, dirty dish in my hand. This was a surprising position to be in. It’s not that I am a party animal […]

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